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The job board features regularly updated ads from employers looking to employ expat talent.  It features jobs from a wide range of industries and professions including: Human resources, marketing, public relations, teaching, administration, sales, business development, IT, accounting/finance and more. 

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Sneak Preview of Job Board:

Last updated Jan 25, 2017 

Office Manager & Bookkeeper (#3423)

Admissions Officer (#3416)

EA to Chairman (#3414)



Events & Community Manager (#3426)

Member Relations Officer (#3413)

Communications Executive (#3391)

Marketing and Communication Manager (#3367)

Outplacement Consultants (#3397)

Client Consultants (#3376)



Event Account Manager (#3373)

Director of Human Resources (#3372)


Website Operations (#3394)


Lawyers and Legal Professionals (#3380)


Executive Director (#3371)

Client Services Manager (#3366)


Marketing Assistant (#3365)


Dental Surgical Assistant (DSA)/Dental Nurse (#3393)

Paediatric Dentist (33392)


Complianceasia Trailing Spouses (#3364)


Project-basis Trainer (#3396)

Admissions & Career Consultant (full-time) (#3395) Mathematics Teacher (#3379)

Assistant Teachers – Early Childhood (#3378)

Senior Teacher – Early Childhood (#3377)

Mathematics Teacher (#3379)

Full-time and Part-time Teachers (#3368)







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