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Chit and Chat



2016 Independence Day Celebration


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Blair Hall & Valerie Brandt Farewell Bash

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2016 Ambassador's Cup Golf Tournament

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Newbie Night


Senior Service Reception


Repatriation Talk


The Yale Alley Cats


Walking Tour with DCM Blair Hall


2016 AGM


An Exquisite Duo: VIP Museum Tour


2016 George Washington Ball 

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2015 Toys for Tots 

2015 Turkey Trot 


Singapore Scenes 


Various CRCE Workshops 


Meet and Greet 

Senior Service Reception 


Meet the Author 


Putting Down Roots 2015 


Living in Singapore Talk 


Quiz Night with DUAL September 2015 


CRCE: From Status Quo to Entrepreneurship 


Shop Like You Do Back Home 




Memorial Day Celebration 2015 




2015 Independence Day Celebrations 


2014 Independence Day Celebrations 


2013 Independence Day Celebrations


2014 Shell Ambassador's Cup Golf Tournament


2013 Ambassador's Cup Golf Tournament

82nd George Washington Ball

81st George Washington Ball


80th George Washington Ball


Turkey Trot


Toys for Tots


2013 Welcome Back Celebration


Networking Night with Money Matters


Redefining Success in the Workplace: Inspirational Stories


Quiz Night


Pub Crawl


Networking Night @ ION Art (Oct 2013)


Tee Off & Taste


PengWine Dinner


Deepavali Food Walk: Little India


Rock & Ride


Sichuan Food Exploration


California Wine Tasting