Toni Update

Toni Dudsak

General Manager

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Toni is the General Manager of the American Association of Singapore. A well-respected community leader with more than twenty years of experience, Toni is an expert in fundraising, overseeing publications and organizing special events. Primarily working in the non-profit sector, Toni has liaised closely with civic organizations as well as American and international schools, overseeing organizations and large projects in Asia, Europe and North America. An accomplished and driven team builder and leader, Toni is adept at establishing a harmonious environment that produces a staff dedicated to fulfilling an organization’s goals.



Alka Chandiramani

Career Services Advisor

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Alka has been working as the Manager of the CRCE part-time since 2008 providing continuous enhancement of the job search and career related programs. She is now in an advisory capacity. As a Career & Intercultural Consultant, she has trained over 1000+ individuals on job search related workshops at CRCE, high schools and universities with affiliated trainers and facilitators in Singapore and around the region. A regular contributor to the Singapore American Newspaper & other publications. She also works with global leaders in international corporations easing international mobility by addressing the assessment, training and coaching needs of their global employees.  She has served on several HR & Management Boards in Hong Kong and Singapore. She is extremely passionate about leveraging an individual’s career hiatus towards making a personal & corporate difference and runs her own businesses. She loves travelling and reading more about community diversity in this global arena. 


Shu Khanduja 

Business Development Manager

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Shu is a lateral thinking business developer who loves match-making corporate partnerships with win/win outcomes. With more than 15 years of commercial experience, she has been recognized for consistent excellence and exceptional ability within progressive, demanding assignments in high-growth business sectors and non-profit organizations across the globe. A frequent traveler and having spent different seasons for work and leisure in Europe and Asia Pacific, she is a keen advocate for health and wellness issues. She has a passion for public speaking and Lychee Martinis. Shu has been based in Singapore since 2010 and holds a BSc Honors degree from London South Bank University.



Miia Koistinen

Graphic Designer

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Miia Koistinen is the Graphic Designer at AAS. Her main responsibility is the design and layout of the Singapore American Newspaper, but she also creates all other collaterals for the association. Miia's strength lies in versatility having worked many years in small publishing houses. When she's not at the office, she divides her time between horseback riding, volunteer work and spending time with her husband and a four-year-old daughter. Originally from Finland, Miia has lived in Singapore since November 2015.



Holly Kreutter

Membership & Office Manager

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Holly arrived in Singapore with her husband Steve more than 25 years ago. Holding degrees in business and physical therapy, Holly has worked in various community and health organizations during her time here. She joined AAS in 2014 and has held various roles; she is currently managing and supporting the accounting, membership and financial processes. She and her husband have three children, all of whom were born and raised in Asia and who are now in the United States studying and working. In her spare time, Holly also works for Caring for Cambodia and volunteers with Democrats Abroad.



Anne Morgan

Special Projects Manager

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Since joining AAS in 2010 Anne has applied her infectious energy and versatility to roles in Events and CRCE and is also a regular contributor to the Singapore American newspaper. She has a background in international sales agency account management, specializing in field marketing and contact centre solutions. She currently supports and mentors the client service team at CPM Asia Pacific. She has served on the Board of PrimeTime Business and Professional Women's Association and is a committee member of AkarakA, an educational charity established by business leaders in Singapore. In her spare time, Anne enjoys running, both socially and competitively, and listening to drama on the radio. She lives with her husband Alastair, a motor sport nut, and two rescued community cats.


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Cath Forte

Editor-in-Chief &
Communications Manager

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 Cath arrived in Singapore with her family in 2011 and is thrilled to have an opportunity to put her degree in English Literature and American Studies to good use at AAS. Cath began her career in educational publishing in the UK, both writing and editing. Since moving to Singapore, she spent two years editing The BEAM magazine, before working as the Editor-in-Chief of a health and wellness website. When she’s not marking up texts with her red pen, Cath loves to spend time exploring her adopted homeland with her husband and three young daughters.  



Valerie Tietjen

Advertising Manager

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Valerie is responsible for advertising sales for the Singapore American newspaper, Living in Singapore and the AAS website. She has a wealth of experience in corporate communications, public relations and advertising, both in business and government organizations. She has worked at AAS since 2006, and before that volunteered at the American Women’s Association of Singapore and worked in a number of companies and organizations in Malaysia, her home country. Valerie joined her husband, Jim, in Singapore in 2005. Valerie is fluent in Italian and, in her spare time, likes to travel and cook.



Sarah Walston

Events Manager

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As Events Manager for AAS, Sarah is responsible for managing the organization’s six major annual events as well as coordinating an exciting schedule of social and partner events throughout the year. Sarah holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has ten years of experience developing and implementing marketing and communications strategies for a diverse group of organizations including the education and government sectors, retail industry and nonprofit groups. A native of North Carolina, USA, Sarah moved to Singapore in April 2015 with her husband. She has a passion for nonprofit service, running and traveling.