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Finding an Interior Designer

You’ve finally made up your mind and you are going to do it. You are ready to make the investment and transform your dwelling into a home – a home that is tailored to you and your family! Great!... But now what? Where do I get an interior designer from, and how do I know if he or she is the one I want to work with? Where do I start?

Two Ways to Do 12 Hours in East Coast

By Laura Schwartz East Coast Park is the largest park in Singapore and what most people picture when East Coast is mentioned. Unsurprisingly, the list of available outdoor activities is quite a long one. However, there’s plenty of treats inland as well should rain clouds appear, or if the sunshine gets too intense, or if you’re just not much of an outdoorsy person. For those whose base of operations is Orchard or Woodlands, East Coast might seem a bit out of the way, but it is well worth making the effort to explore. Since the district is sprawling and encompasses everything from boutique shopping to beaches, it’s best to have a game plan. Even with two itineraries, we’re barely scratching the surface of all the cultural, creative, active, indulgent and tasty hidden gems in this part of the country. I’ve …

Get the Insurance you Actually Need in Singapore

As our lives have become more complex and the insurance industry has become more creative, the range of insurance policies we can buy has mushroomed. Along with standard life, health and automobile insurance, you can also buy insurance to cover your pets, travel, smartphone, cyber-risk, artworks and more. With so many options, and the costs that come with them, the question is what you actually need in a relatively safe and less-litigious Singapore.

Fort Fullerton to Fullerton Hotel

Sitting prominently at the western promontory of the Singapore River’s entrance is the eye-catching, five-star luxury Fullerton Hotel. It is well-known that this neo-classically designed structure originally operated as the General Post Office after its completion in 1928. Perhaps not known to many, though, is that the Fullerton name was used for Colonial Singapore’s first major fort a century before and located at the same site, known at Battery Point, and built to protect the new and flourishing town. Between the period of Fort Fullerton’s closure and the development of the current building, this exact location housed two other Post Office buildings and facilities for other use.

Socially Responsible Travel

When Lauren and I sat down to pen this article, we began by talking about how my motivation to find impactful travel opportunities was directly related to my desire to impact my children’s sense of self, beyond their daily lifestyle. And because we were fortunate enough to be expats, in close proximity to exotic destinations as a young family, we had plenty of opportunities to experience all the positive outcomes of meaningful travel.


By Lily Ong For a second, I thought I might have landed in the wrong destination when greeted by an airport scene very much different from the one just a year ago. I soon found out that Langkawi International Airport had undergone a 12-month expansion to increase its capacity to accommodate up to four million passengers a year and 1,000 passengers an hour during peak times. This was a necessary undertaking as Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands on the west coast of Malaysia, has increasingly made it on to the radar of travelers over the years. In 20 minutes, our group of three, comprising my mother, my daughter and myself, was shuttled from the airport to Anjung Villa where we were staying. Despite having modern facilities such as a swimming pool, this low-rise hotel was serenely nestled in the …

One Chef’s Mission - Sustainable Dining in Singapore

By Julian Chua Chef Lucas Glanville, the Director of Culinary Operations at Grand Hyatt Singapore, isn’t your typical chef. He grew up in Australia in a home with a vegetable garden and chickens roaming in the back yard from where the ingredients for family meals came. So, it’s no surprise that he brings his wholesome childhood food experiences to the hotel industry as a professional culinary chef, incorporating a full range of plant-based dishes on his menus and changing the way we see sustainable dining as a healthier and more vibrant alternative. I spoke to him about his passion for cooking and his hopes for more people adopting sustainable dining as part of their diet. Tell us about your culinary background. I started my culinary journey 35 years ago and have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to work at …

India: A Bright Shining Land of Infinite Spirit

Some folks say India is a poor country. But after many visits to this unique place I believe India is actually a rich country: rich in history; rich in culture; rich in character. Filled with beautiful, colorful people; overflowing with vibrancy, passion and emotion. India is a fascinating destination largely because it is a land of contrasts: from the abundant to the meagre; snow-capped mountains to parched-dry deserts; wheel of life to crescent of hope. It is these contradictions, so firmly sewn into the magical tapestry of the country’s attire, that so well-characterize India and its unique persona. Indeed, is it not this legacy of extremes that defines us as humans?

How to Finally Achieve your Career Goals

Do you want to know the real reason why you may not have achieved your goals? The truth lies within a four-letter word called ‘grit’. ‘Grit’ researcher, Angela Duckworth, made some headway in understanding the meaning of the word in the work context. She explains in her revered TED Talk, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, that both elements need to be present for anyone to be ‘gritty’, and that grit was also a more significant indicator of success than say, talent, for example.

The Only Woman in the Room

We caught up with Lisa Mulligan, Global Diversity and Inclusion Director for Worley, who was guest speaker at a recent event At the Table networking and career group for women. Lisa shared insights on the topic of being ‘The Only Woman in the Room’; a culmination of experience and knowledge of what it takes to progress to more senior roles, particularly when surrounded by men.