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Everest Base Camp: Why Challenge Is Good

It is difficult to prepare for two weeks on the world’s tallest mountain while living in a country with a maximum altitude of 541 feet and a tropical rainforest climate. I know from my, albeit limited, previous trekking experience that good footwear is essential and so I begin the transition from flip-flops to hiking boots by breaking them in up the 46 stories of my condo fire escape. Despite being told that I look “like a pair of golf clubs” in my utterly incongruous footwear, I am enthused to literally be taking first steps towards a lifetime achievement and ultimate bucket list experience.

Kuching With Kids

Kuching is the capital and the most populous city of Sarawak on Malaysian Borneo. Although the name itself means ‘cat’ in Malay, stories of how it got its name have ranged from being a city filled with wild cats a long time ago, to meaning ‘port in Indochina’.

All Aboard! Traveling on the Ghan

All Aboard! For many travelers, the idea of train trips conjures images of fine dining, impeccable service, colorful fellow passengers and slow travel. From the Orient Express to the Trans-Siberian Rail, train routes have romantic histories, snaking across continents that were otherwise too challenging and time consuming to explore. In the spirit of exotic travel by rail, I suggest that you forget the budget airlines and rental cars and look into a slow, luxurious journey across the continent of Australia on The Ghan.

Uzbekistan: Where the Silk Road Endures

From out of the ashes of a crumbled empire, Uzbekistan has arisen to face a brave new world. Relegated to a Soviet republic in the former USSR, the territory had lost some of its traditions and perhaps a bit of pride. The reawakened nation is now attempting to catch up with the modern world but at the same time embrace its long and rich history. Though often grouped together as a generic ‘stan’ country, Uzbekistan has created its own unique customs and culture, forming a truly warm and wonderful land. For here, perhaps more than anywhere else, do the timeless trails of the ancient Silk Road yet permeate through the soul and the spirit of a nation.

Is It All About Perspectives?

Is understanding another person’s perspective essential for effective, cross-cultural communication? When a way of thinking about something is similar to ours, we feel rewarded, whereas the opposite may be true with people who have opposing viewpoints.

Get Ahead by Volunteering

Most people have experienced the slow slog of conducting online job searches and firing resumes down vague, unmanned generic email black holes. Over the years, I’ve started to suggest that jobseekers try other creative ways to be noticed when it comes to applying or being interviewed for jobs. One such way is to offer to volunteer.

12 Hours in Punggol

Perched on Singapore’s northern coast, a day in Punggol means fresh air, seafood and plenty of physical activity. Believed to be one of the oldest settlements in the country, historical documents indicate that Kampong Punggol, situated around the jetty, existed over 200 years ago, predating the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819.

My Singapore: Destination Sentosa

In spite of Sentosa having a serene connotation, its direct translation from Malay being ‘peace and tranquility’, the island actually has a grisly past. Formerly known as Pulau Blakang Mati, meaning ‘island behind death’, as far back as the 15th century it was an enclave for pirates, then a fortification in the 1800s, up until World War II when Japanese forces seized the island and brought its inhabitants to a gruesome end.

Living LIGHT in Singapore

By Faith Chanda De-cluttering isn’t a new concept, but Mari Kondo‘s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has got everybody wandering around their homes thinking about what does and doesn’t “spark joy”. With the average condo square footage being much smaller in Singapore than our home countries, a good purge at least every year isn’t such a bad idea. But what to do with all the ‘stuff’ that no longer sparks joy? Re-Sell The first option most people turn to is re-selling. The green movement to reduce, reuse and recycle has given rise to a wealth of internet pages dedicated to selling items you no longer want, including Carousell, Gumtree, Craig’s List and Facebook’s many buy/sell/ trade pages, as well as its Marketplace. When posting items, make sure to include a detailed description, where the pick-up point is located, …