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The Sophisticated Networker

By Dee Allan Did you know that many animal groups have acquaintances and, like humans, some species can actually form true friendships. Intelligent animal species such as monkeys, horses and elephants have shown they can live within complex structures and form bonded social groups and stable ‘relationships’ across species. They seek out connections.Having each other’s back is key to survival in today’s modern world, as it is in the animal kingdom too. Wolves pack together; bees swarm; birds flock. This ‘togetherness’ maintains a stable ecosystem. We can learn a lot from the animal kingdom, which teach us that working together, setting aside differences and connecting with a commonpurpose is an incredible skill to master.Animals and NetworkingSo what has this got to do with networking where humans are concerned? Well, in short, wildlife populations teach us that the entire ecosystem thrives …

Just Brew It: 5 Places to Get a Good Cup of Joe

With over 400 billion cups consumed each year, coffee has to be one of the most popular beverages in the world. In Singapore, coffee culture is intrinsic to the fabric of the F&B scene. From the humble Kopi Tiam stand to the specialty joints popping up all over town, coffee represents more than just a hot drink; it gives us an opportunity to start conversations, connect socially or professionally and allow time for ourselves.

Living Healthy in Singapore

Recently, my husband experienced some alarming symptoms that we thought might have signaled a minor heart attack. After appointments with several doctors, some uncomfortable tests and a scary few days, his cardiologist was satisfied it wasn’t a heart attack but sternly recommended a much healthier lifestyle… for both of us. Fatty, high-cholesterol foods were out, vegetables and plenty of exercise were in, which meant cutting down on red meat and starting a daily walk. Suddenly the struggle was real and we needed some help.

What is Your Comfort Zone?

Change is inevitable, it is constant. When we encounter any form of change, our emotions move across the spectrum without much effort. The neurotransmitters in our brains activate at a much higher rate in this disruptive, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. How do we incorporate change as part of our life? Does staying in our comfort zone makes us complacent? We often fear the unknown because our brain likes to visualize the bigger picture. However, there are times when we have to accept the lowlights and trust in the cycle of life.

Behind the College Admissions Process

You have just spent the past six months polishing your application essays, retaking your standardized exams and chasing after your teachers and counselors to send their recommendation letters. After those long caffeine-fueled all-nighters you have pulled in the months leading up to this moment, you are now finally ready to hit the submit button. The next part, the seemingly eternal wait before your admissions decisions are finally sent, is perhaps the most grueling. When students and their parents embark on the college application process, the majority of them do not actually know what happens behind the scenes of an admissions office, the department that is responsible for deciding which students are admitted into a university. How are applications evaluated? Who decides on the fates of these applicants? How do they come up with a final verdict?

Come Home to Kinou

Kinou, like its founding owner and chef Benjamin Tilatti, is the perfect cocktail of contradictions. Opening in June 2018 on Tras Street, where the more discerning foodies go to escape the ‘same-same’ of busier food and beverage haunts in Singapore, Kinou is a no-nonsense restobar that presents delicate ceviches alongside the protein-fest Vegan Nightmare meat platter on a clever and playful fusion menu. The delightful contradictions continue, from the rough-around-the edges décor with bare walls and a well-loved Montreal ice hockey cap hanging proudly by the bar, to the flawless customer service and impeccably presented plates coming from the open kitchen. Much like its owner, Kinou is understated, friendly and welcoming; summed up in Ben’s own words: “My home is your home.”

12 Hours in Tiong Bahru

With its blend of traditional shophouses and trendy cafes, Tiong Bahru is high on the must-visit lists of tourists and locals alike for its Instagrammable dishes, boutique shops and building-side murals. But the enclave is also a microcosm of Singapore history, particularly the last century. Tiong Bahru became hip and trendy just after World War II, though lost its exclusivity in the 1950s, when new housing blocks were built. Over the years, the area has been home to various of waves of residents: British civil servants, the Peranakans and Chinese, the mistresses of the wealthy and now a blend of locals, celebrities and expats. Each demographic has left its own impact, adding diverse layers that have transformed Tiong Bahru into something truly unique.

Head, Heart, Health and Hands

Growing up on the Canadian prairies, I belonged to our local 4-H group for many years. 4-H, so called because of the 4-Hs members pledge – head, hands, heart and health – is a global network of youth organizations with the goal to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills of youth through experiential learning programs and a positive youth development approach. Through 4-H, I learned how to take care of and ride a horse, made great friends at the summer camp, practiced public speaking at the annual speech competition and always recited the pledge at each meeting.