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Fun for Free in SG

There’s plenty to do in Singapore and plenty of ways, big and small, to spend your hard-earned cash. Finding fun on a budget, though? Now that’s priceless. So, I’ll do one better: here are some of my favorite free fun finds.

A book was born at Rimba Resort

They say there is a book in all of us. More often than not, though, the valuable commodities that hold us back from making it come to fruition are ‘time’ and ‘space’. A book theme had been jittering around in my head for some months but, after choosing my moment, I negotiated exactly what I needed; a break in a peaceful location away from my two children to kick-start my publishing journey.

Just for Laughs

If Scott Mitchell had laid money on where he saw himself 16 years down the line at the time he was packing his bags in Scotland for a job in the financial sector in Australia, owning Singapore's only full-time comedy venue would probably not have been a safe bet. And yet, here he is, running regular shows at The Merry Lion five nights a week out of the seven nights his bar is open.

National Day

Singapore’s independence on August 9, 1965, was not like that of most former colonies. Rather than being granted severance from its two year old union with Malaysia, it was expelled following a series of issues, including two race riots from the previous year.


Built like a tank, Singapore American School (SAS) visual arts teacher Jeffrey Pabotoy looks like someone you’d never want to mess with. You’d think he wouldn't be interested in mini-anything, let alone little Lego bricks and minifigures that take hours of patient building.

Breweries Under the Microscope

The old adage of 'good things come in small packages’ is none the more pertinent than when it comes to craft beer. Once the beverage of choice for the hipster crowd found in only the most select of drinking establishments, craft beer has made its way into the mainstream with microbreweries rapidly springing up onto the urban bar scene as customers demand more from their beverage. Produced in small batches, brewers have complete control over their concoctions and, because of the artisanal nature that the beer-making process, they play around with every ingredient from hops to yeasts, fruit and acidity.

Weird and Wonderful Places to Stay

The world is full of amazing places to visit, whether you’re drawn to the pristine beaches of the Maldives or Thailand, or the cosmopolitan buzz of Paris or New York City. While it’s tempting to play it safe and opt for luxurious resorts with Michelin-starred restaurants and beautifully appointed bedrooms, resplendent with crisp white linen, this might not always be the most interesting option.