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Travel and Photography – Humanity and Community

We are, all of us, foreigners. Many of us living here in Singapore know this firsthand. By choice or necessity we looked over the horizon and then went beyond it, and with that came the realization that everyone is a stranger somewhere.

Nepal - Where The Mountains Endure

We’re bouncing up and down in a rickety old SUV as it races down a dry, dusty road. As I look out at the fleeting landscape, I catch a glance at an elderly farmer, sweat running down his brow, leaning on his rake and staring into the distance. As I follow his gaze, I finally lay my eyes on them; there, amidst the rice fields and straw houses, are the mountains I came so far to see. The mountains most others only dream about.

Happy Birthday USA!

On June 30 we celebrated one of the most significant dates on our calendar; the birthday of the US. As members and guests of the American Association of Singapore (AAS), we came in our droves for this momentous occasion at Singapore American School (SAS), who co-hosted the event with AAS.

Custom-Made: Then and Now

Envision shopping in Singapore and it’s usually Orchard Road that pops into your head, a beacon of modernity, overflowing with brand name designers from all over the world. But just a few decades ago, a shopping spree here was a much different affair.

Paying the Bill – It's More Complex Than You Think

If you’re preparing for a move to Singapore, it’s likely that you’ve already heard about the great variety of cultural, culinary and entertainment experiences the nation has to offer. Another kind of diversity you might not have heard about yet: the huge variety of ways to pay for stuff.

Found Your Ikigai Yet?

What is my purpose? Why am I doing this job? Why am I unfulfilled? Why am I not content? Sound familiar? Life’s well-meaning ‘roadmap’ is imprinted on us. Get an education, work hard, get a job, get married, have kids, buy a house, retire.

What Lies Beneath

It is said that we know more about space than we do our own oceans and yet they are the largest and most diverse habitat on Earth. Beneath the waves hides an other-worldly ecosphere with creatures beyond our imagination, some of which are still to be discovered.

Love, Nils

It’s the news all parents dread. Your child is sick. Really, really sick. You pray, you hope, you research until your brain feels like it might explode. But the diagnosis is clear. In 2012, Texan mother Lesli Berggren received devastating news about her 13-year-old son, Nils, who was found to be suffering from a rare form of lymphoma stage 4 cancer.