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Relocation with Children

Relocating can be a highly distressing event, particularly across continents, and it's sad to say that in the current economic climate it may not be out of choice. Some of the challenges may be purely organizational and practical such as looking for a new home, new schools or transporting belongings. Another challenging aspect of moving is the emotional impact: saying good-bye to friends and families, dealing with the unknowns along with anxieties, resentment and anger for having to leave behind the known for the unknown.

Get Connected: Singapore's Park Connector Network

Singapore may not have room for dedicated road cycling lanes, but the 200 miles of Park Connector Network (PCN), joining Singapore’s parks, will get you from home to downtown and MRT stations, from suburb to suburb, or just for a spin or a stroll, and for family days out, they are an absolute must.

Dog Parks and Recreation

Are you running out of places to take your four-legged friend? We hear you! With restrictions on getting out and about, there are only so many variations to the route around the block in taking your dog for a walk, and with many of us living in condos over landed houses with a back yard, both you and Fido may well be going stir-crazy with your exercise routine. Now that the ‘circuit breaker’ has relaxed these restrictions, however, opportunities to go further afield are a possibility and you’ll be glad to know that there are a host of dog-friendly outdoor spaces than you may have thought. Dog parks, runs and green spaces are dotted across the island, so get out and exploring with your pooch!

Support Your Hawker Centre

By Emma Hillman Singapore’s Hawker Centres are an intrinsic part of the island’s gastronomic heritage, but as food courts where diners traditionally gather for to enjoy Singapore’s finest fare, they have been particularly hard hit in recent months. Recognizing their significance on the foodie scene, social media influencers and photographers have got behind the humble food stalls housed in local Hawkers to keep them alive, with the likes of delivery apps, such as Deliveroo and Foodpanda, offering services to get your favorite ‘chicken rice’ dish to your door. However, while Hawker Centres offer a bamboozlingly huge array of menu choices, our hesitance at ordering online, even for the most seasoned of expat, seems to be driven by one caveat:  What is it we’re ordering? Names of dishes, most of all in a foreign language, can put diners out of their …

Get Snap-Happy in Singapore

By Katie Baines Staying occupied during the ‘circuit breaker’ may well have been a challenge, with the freedom of trips around town that we took for granted before the pandemic being restricted. June 1 marks the first steps in a return to normality, and although guidelines are still in place, there is plenty to explore and admire while out for a walk. So why not take your camera and give yourself a project next time you're taking a stroll? As a garden city, Singapore really packs a punch when it comes to subject matter for a photographer. It offers a staggering amount of variety in terms of neighborhoods, parks and architectural wonders to keep anyone occupied from the avid amateur to the professional bolstering their portfolio. Here are some of the best places on the island to point and shoot.  Francisco Marin CBD and Marina Bay  The photographic appeal of Marina …

Quick Home Strength Workout

Gyms and studios are closed and you may have limited workout equipment. This easy full-body routine utilizes common household items so you can still do your strength training.

A Look Up Stream

The Republic of Singapore turns 55 this year and as usual, the National Day fireworks will take place where the Singapore River empties into the bay. Much like the country itself, the river reflecting these lights has shapeshifted throughout the past century.

Humans of the Embassy

You might say that Singaporean male nurses are a rarity. I was part of the first batch of 170 students at Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Nursing Department, of which only 16 were males. Male nurses can do as good a job as female nurses.

Emerging from the Pandemic

Human connection is such an important part of our lives, yet we get so caught up in the fast lane that this pandemic has forcefully asked us to slow the pace, re-evaluate and search for meaning. Seeing pictures of healthcare workers lighting candles as they mourned their colleagues who died during the outbreak of the coronavirus during a demonstration at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, New York hit a chord.

Finding an Interior Designer

You’ve finally made up your mind and you are going to do it. You are ready to make the investment and transform your dwelling into a home – a home that is tailored to you and your family! Great!... But now what? Where do I get an interior designer from, and how do I know if he or she is the one I want to work with? Where do I start?