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Head, Heart, Health and Hands

Growing up on the Canadian prairies, I belonged to our local 4-H group for many years. 4-H, so called because of the 4-Hs members pledge – head, hands, heart and health – is a global network of youth organizations with the goal to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills of youth through experiential learning programs and a positive youth development approach. Through 4-H, I learned how to take care of and ride a horse, made great friends at the summer camp, practiced public speaking at the annual speech competition and always recited the pledge at each meeting.

Love, Nils

It’s the news all parents dread. Your child is sick. Really, really sick. You pray, you hope, you research until your brain feels like it might explode. But the diagnosis is clear. In 2012, Texan mother Lesli Berggren received devastating news about her 13-year-old son, Nils, who was found to be suffering from a rare form of lymphoma stage 4 cancer.

The Badi Book Worm

By Angel Corrigan 3 Novermber, 2014   When Asmita enters the modest library at Christian Community School (CCS), she wonders, “What is there to read about today?” Maybe I’ll find out more about France, China or the USA. Maybe I will look at a book that tells me about what life was like for our ancestors or one that focuses on the possibilities of the future.” It is through the pages of books she can control where she goes and whom she meets. Just a short time ago this was not the case.   Eleven-year-old Asmita is a member of the Badi tribe. Currently, she is enrolled at CCS in Kathmandu, Nepal. Before coming to CCS, she lived in her village where schooling was too expensive for her family and as a result her future would most certainly be based …

DaySpring Residential Treatment Center

By AAS 3 November, 2014   Vision: “To see every girl and woman, especially those at risk, live a life of purpose and hope, make peace with her past, and find purpose in her present and renewed hope for the future.” I was invited to the annual DaySpring recent fundraising dinner and was truly inspired by the evening. To know their heart wrenching experiences and see their heroic recovery was the highlight of the evening’s celebration. I was able to witness the success of their program’s first graduates. These are inspiring young woman who now want to “pay it forward” and help others who were in their situation through an internship at DaySpring – a place they called home. There are many different types of charity, but supporting this one perpetuates goodness. –Christina Ong (Director, Periplus Publishing Pte Ltd)   …

Charity | Cooking Up Blessings with Willing Hearts

By Angel Corrigan 17 February, 2013   On any morning after 6:00am, 365 days a year, you can walk in to the Willing Hearts central kitchen at 50 Genting Lane, in the Ciderco Building, ask for Uncle Tony and he will put you to work chopping, seasoning, cooking, cleaning or helping to deliver some of the approximately 3,000 meals they prepare each day to feed the needy in Singapore.  You can come for an hour or you can stay all day.  You can come on a weekly, monthly or one time basis. All help is needed and appreciated.  This volunteer organization gathers food donations and creates a gift of hope for those in need.    Charity Work and New Friends My friend Leo Willems connected me with this organization. He is a single expat who works as a Database Administrator …