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Career | Family Harmony: The Vital Ingredient for a Career

By Anne Morgan, CRCE Business Development Manager 18 April, 2013   This article was originally published in the April/May issue of AustCham Singapore's publication The Southern Star. To view the full publication, please click here.     It’s no secret that it is eye-wateringly expensive to move employees around the globe. A recent survey conducted by Towers Watson and Workforce Mobility Association Worldwide ERC, found that the average cost of relocating a global assignee is two to three times the assignee’s annual salary. The survey also found that there is a strong trend towards less costly expatriate packages, with more assignees taking a ‘local’ or ‘local plus’ contract. So, what does this mean for the family? There are some interesting answers to this question.     The Trailing Spouse  Firstly, companies are usually keen for families to accompany assignees as there …