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For the Animals in Singapore

Since its advent in the late 1800s in Singapore, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been coming to the aide of sick, injured or badly treated animals. Its early cases were of cruelty to hack ponies, ill-treated oxen or birds shot by blowguns, for which the penalty would be minimal, if anything at all, and animals were visited rather than given shelter. It wasn’t until after World War II that the first boarding house for unwanted or stray animals was established.

The Diary of a Volunteer: Vision Screenings for Myanmar Monks

Myanmar. Rich in culture and, understandably, becoming an emerging tourist destination. Its name inspires visions of beautiful lakes, scenic mountains and numerous pagodas and temples. Nestled within a peaceful 500-acre area of land approximately 200 miles south of this beautiful country’s capital, Yangon, is the Pa Auk Forest Monastery, intended for practice of Samatha and Vipassana meditation. The monastery is home to more than 1,000 monks and nuns, along with yogis traveling to seek a retreat and a taste of the monastic lifestyle, relying wholly on donations and voluntary support.

Singapore American School Student Awarded Congressional Bronze Medal

By Maureen Murray 10 December, 2014 Claudia Krogmeier, a senior at Singapore American School, recently received the Congressional Bronze Medal Award. She was commended for “her willingness to give of herself to voluntarily help others in the community and her achievements in personal development, physical fitness and expedition.” I had the opportunity to sit down with Claudia in Thyme Café at the American Club so that I could ask her about her four-year commitment to completing the goals set out by the Congressional Medal Committee. She is a bright, exceptionally focused young woman who shares a story about channeling her energy to maximize her high school experience. Like many truly exceptional students, she helps others along the way. MM: With high school students often juggling busy schedules, what makes pursuing the Congressional Medal worthwhile? CK: The great thing about pursuing …

Is Giving Worth It

By Richard Hartung 3 November, 2014   Is giving worth it? It’s a question you probably ask yourself many times, such as when the school asks for a donation or a non-profit asks you to organize an event. When there’s so much else to do, from finishing projects at work to taking care of the family and even just shopping for groceries, it might seem like it’s not worth it to give up more of your time, talent or treasure to yet another cause.             The academic answer to the question, though, is easy. Plenty of studies show that volunteering increases happiness, improves health and even makes people feel they have more time. Yet even though the academic studies may sound good, it’s perhaps more important to ask people who actually give for their views.   To find out whether …

Charity | Cooking Up Blessings with Willing Hearts

By Angel Corrigan 17 February, 2013   On any morning after 6:00am, 365 days a year, you can walk in to the Willing Hearts central kitchen at 50 Genting Lane, in the Ciderco Building, ask for Uncle Tony and he will put you to work chopping, seasoning, cooking, cleaning or helping to deliver some of the approximately 3,000 meals they prepare each day to feed the needy in Singapore.  You can come for an hour or you can stay all day.  You can come on a weekly, monthly or one time basis. All help is needed and appreciated.  This volunteer organization gathers food donations and creates a gift of hope for those in need.    Charity Work and New Friends My friend Leo Willems connected me with this organization. He is a single expat who works as a Database Administrator …