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Career | Job Hunt and Self-Reflection

  By Alka Chandiramani, CRCE Manager11 November, 2012   Looking for a job takes perseverance and self-reflection. It can be like kissing many frogs to find your prince or princess. However, it is not a lackadaisical random attempt but requires hard work and is akin to a full-time job. Imagine this scenario: You have applied for a job. Your résumé has been meticulously prepared and you are waiting for the interview call. It comes and you are hired. Great news! You start work and a few months later realize that perhaps this is not what you really want to pursue.   What happened? Self-assessment tools are also useful to help provide insight into what types of jobs best suit you. Before setting out to look for a job, it is important to conduct a self-assessment. Self-assessment starts with thinking about …