By Rachel Sunden

20 January, 2012

malaca.JPGRecently my mom came to visit for a few weeks. While she was here she became interested in all things Peranakan and decided that she wanted to visit Malacca. I was game and started looking into travel options for a weekend trip. Unfortunately none of them looked great.


My car is too old and unreliable for us to drive and the bus was not an option because you have to get off and walk through the border crossing plus we were traveling with my three year old. I was getting discouraged when all of a sudden I saw an ad which featured the perfect solution. We could travel by ship.


Accommodation and Service

Our happy little trip took a three day, two night Royal Caribbean cruise to Malacca. I had never been on a cruise before (and honestly wasn’t interested in doing so) but in the end this trip worked out really well. We boarded the boat Saturday afternoon at Harbourfront. It was extremely easy. Once on board we started checking everything out, had lunch and went for a swim. My son loved our little cabin and was very excited to sleep in a bunk bed. The kind gentleman who cleaned our room left several towel animals on our beds, which my son loved. The waiters made him different napkin animals too.


The ship set sail during dinner. It was so smooth you almost didn’t feel like you were moving and it was great to watch us sail away from Sentosa. After dinner it was fun to go up to the top of the ship in the dark and watch stars. Once my son was tucked away in the bunk bed with his granny babysitting, a friend and I checked out the casino. The slots were really fun because they still use coins, unlike the casinos in Singapore, which use cards which I find very unpleasant.


Exploring Malacca

The next morning we woke and we were in Malacca. After a quick breakfast we jumped onto a little boat and were ferried ashore. We hired a decorated rickshaw (that Malacca is famous for) and went off exploring. The ship was in port for the whole day. We lasted until about three pm at which time we headed back to the ship, swam, played mini-golf and checked out the folks climbing on the rock wall. We ate dinner and the ship headed back to Singapore. In the morning we woke up and were back where we started. We ate a huge breakfast, checked out and headed home.


All in all it was a great trip and quite reasonably priced. I had a good time, my mom had a good time and traveling by ship was one of the main highlights of my son’s life. He talks about the trip every time we go to Sentosa and he sees a cruise ship docked waiting for new passengers.