gmailimage.jpg.jpg.jpgBy AAS

1 August, 2013


Gmail has rolled out tabs that organize your mail. We want to share with you how your favorite emails (like ones from AAS) don’t get lost in the Promotions tab.



Gmail organizes your emails in different tabs

There are three default tabs: Primary, Social and Promotions (shown right). With the new changes, your AAS job alert and weekly update emails are likely going into the Promotions tab. The tabs default “on” for all Gmail users unless you change this setting.


How you make changes to your settings

The next time you receive either a CRCE Job Alert email or an AAS weekly update email, it will most likely end up in the Promotions tab. Simply drag and drop the email into the Primary tab. Then, a little yellow notification will pop up and ask: “The conversation has been moved to Primary. Do this for future messages from” This is where you click “Yes”. By doing this for both your CRCE Job Alerts and AAS Weekly Emails, you will always receive them in your Primary box and never miss a beat.


So, it’s pretty simple to train your Gmail account to let it know that your favorite newsletters are still making it to where you can see them.


Please contact one of our staff if you have any questions on 6738-0371.


We hope this is helpful!


The AAS Team