Finding a job through Linkedin tips.jpgBy Linda Le

23 February, 2014


Most of you by now will be carrying out your New Year resolutions with big plans to make it the best year ever – how can a bit of planning on LinkedIn help you achieve this? With a professional membership of over 259 million people globally, LinkedIn is a powerful business networking and relationship management tool among job seekers and business professionals. If used e ectively, LinkedIn can help generate real business leads or career results for the user. 


Here are nine top tips to using LinkedIn for business networking or career prospecting to keep your pipeline alive, putting you in great stead for a successful in 2014.


  1. LinkedIn works best if you consider it to be like traditional business networking but done online. If you are invited to a networking function or event during this time, say ‘Yes’ – you’ll never know who you’ll meet!
  2. If you’ve met a few people and want to keep in touch with them, grab their business card and connect with them on LinkedIn. Send personal connection requests and follow up with your connections personally after they’ve accepted your request.  is can be done via email, phone or even a co ee – nothing beats a real face-to-face handshake.
  3. Look through your existing networks and go through a couple of pro les of your biggest prospects/clients.  ink who you could introduce them to or who you could refer their business to – contact them to catch up and swap updates on what their plans are for the rest of the year. Bring that personal connection back to life and see how you could help each other make it a successful year.
  4. Update your own pro le on LinkedIn – make it professional and have a clear message about you, what products/services you o er, what opportunities you are looking for, or whether you’re seeking a career move. Just make sure it’s clear how people can get in touch with you.
  5. Put up a professional photo of yourself – having a professional photo makes your pro le more trustworthy (people can see you’re not a robot or spammer) and also your pro le is seven times more likely to get clicked on.
  6. Make your personal word of mouth travel further by writing someone a recommendation for their products or services – your Printer? Accountant? Lawyer? Coach? Bookkeeper? Manager? Your networks will love and remember you for the gesture. Do something nice for others and good karma will come your way!
  7. Don’t want to write a recommendation but want to acknowledge someone for their skills or expertise? Go to their pro le and click on the “endorse” button. Make sure you have exposure to their skills and expertise before you endorse them, don’t just click on anything and everything.
  8. Send your networks personalized greetings and messages. Or share an article or something of value to your connections during this time. Keep your connections alive, keep them warm and stay on top of their minds.
  9. Set some goals around using LinkedIn more e ectively this year to drive real business results – even if you spend as little as 10 minutes a day on LinkedIn, the accumulative e ects will show considerable results. Naturally, LinkedIn people – like in life – want to work with and do business with people they know, like and trust. You must continually work to build win-win relationships.  ink about how you could help your networks, how you could make them feel good or what you could do for them and naturally your business will  ourish with good returns.


Linda Le is a Social Media Ghost at Networking Skool and recently ran a CRCE workshop titled “Intro to
LinkedIn for Business Professionals.” She specializes in training and coaching about using LinkedIn to manage relationships and to generate real business referrals, leads and sales.