Working at Willing Hearts

By Angel Corrigan

17 February, 2013


On any morning after 6:00am, 365 days a year, you can walk in to the Willing Hearts central kitchen at 50 Genting Lane, in the Ciderco Building, ask for Uncle Tony and he will put you to work chopping, seasoning, cooking, cleaning or helping to deliver some of the approximately 3,000 meals they prepare each day to feed the needy in Singapore.  You can come for an hour or you can stay all day.  You can come on a weekly, monthly or one time basis. All help is needed and appreciated.  This volunteer organization gathers food donations and creates a gift of hope for those in need. 


Charity Work and New Friends

My friend Leo Willems connected me with this organization. He is a single expat who works as a Database Administrator at an International school. His home country is Germany but he has lived in Singapore for the past six years and for the last three, on most Sunday mornings, you can find him helping in the kitchen packing meals, but he is willing to do any job that is needed, sometimes it’s even garbage duty.  He really enjoys knowing that the work that is done goes to help someone that very day. He likes the ability to help others in such a meaningful way. 


The Concept

Working at Willing HeartsMeeting many of the regular volunteers has created friendships and keeps him coming back however he meets new people almost every time he goes in. Because of the unique open platform for volunteers being able to come in as you can really creates a unique environment.  Sometime it’s a group of High School or University students, a family wanting to introduce their children to the joy of volunteering or single volunteer.  Sometimes it’s all Singaporeans or sometimes it’s a hodgepodge of different nationalities. Leo says this makes the time he spends there interesting and the hours fly by. He loves the organization and wishes he had more time to give to it. 

Regardless of who shows up the main objective of preparing, cooking, packaging and delivering gets done each day through the willing hands and hearts of the volunteers. 

Willing Hearts, 50 Genting Lane, #04-06, Cideco Building, Singapore 349558 Operating hours from 6am to 5pm, peak workload 6am to 8am. The kitchen is open everyday, 365 days a year.

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