By Fran Martindale

Cub Scouts Pack 3017 has been getting ready to grow when we start a new year in August: For the first time ever, we’ll be  welcoming girls and having Lion dens for kindergarteners!

Like BSA Cub Scout packs around the world, starting from the new school year, we’ll be offering the same program that we now have for lower elementary age boys to girls of the same age, as well as kindergarteners. Now more children can enjoy the activities that The American Cub Scouts in Singapore do, such as camping, hiking and learning useful life skills, such as First Aid and fire safety. Our Cub Scouts can do a nice blend of these traditional activities mixed with more modern ones, from game design to digital songwriting. “It’s important to offer young people activities that will compete successfully for their attention and enthusiasm, get them up off of the sofa and out exploring the world,” says Pack Chair, Emily Leahy. “By offering a broad mix of activities, Cub Scouts gives them the chance to discover talents and interests that they might have otherwise never known they have, whether that’s fishing or filmmaking.”

Now, with the addition of girls and younger children, BSA Cub Scouts will be even more of a family activity, as everyone can get involved. This is a parent-volunteer run organization, so parents
already play a prominent role in helping to organize the pack meetings and den activities. We’re looking forward to a fun year ahead!