By Desireh Koh

Singapore may not have room for dedicated road cycling lanes, but the 200 miles of Park Connector Network (PCN), joining Singapore’s parks, will get you from home to downtown and MRT stations, from suburb to suburb, or just for a spin or a stroll, and for family days out, they are an absolute must.

Made up of matrices formed by six separate loops in each region, a solid day’s cycling adventure can also be had following one of these trails, or to go the distance around the entire island on the 100-mile Round-Island-Route (RIR), without once having to get onto the road.

Since you’ll be sharing PCN paths with joggers, walkers and kids, give yourself more time to complete distances. With lots of attractions (local life, heritage) and enticing snacks along the way, it’d be a shame not to plan photo and refueling stops.

Download NParks brochures for detailed guides here.

Here are the greatest hits: