By Tyler Wisler

Over the years I’ve noticed people struggle with gift giving and somehow think the default comical garment, or uber-generic gift, like a scarf will suffice. First off, we’re all now in Singapore, barely a stone’s throw away from the equator, so sweaters and the like aren’t options anymore. So, where does that leave us? I say, it gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate our dwellings!

As we are very aware, spaces are tight here and should be treated like jewel boxes! But like many folks, the home takes a back seat when budgets are concerned. Most will spend on their kids, food or vacations. And rightly so! I am not knocking any of those choices, but now we have the opportunity to give; and give something that would be meaningful to someone, who might not purchase it for themselves.

So, let’s start from the ground up. We all know I love rugs! Rugs are just so important in a space, and rugs, honestly can make or break the aesthetics. A good option that works aesthetically and scale-wise with 95% of the typical Singaporean space is a neutral-colored cow hide rug! These are just chic, chic, chic! Modern, traditional, or eclectic, no matter what your current furniture situation, these geometric and textural options are stunning!

Next on my list, give someone the gift of a joyous pop of happiness in the form of a pillow! This gives warmth and instant personality to any space. Unfortunately, I see that many sofas nowadays come with additional throw cushions which are completely unnecessary, particularly on a sofa. Let me be blunt, do not use them on the sofa. Use them on the armchairs sitting near the sofa, or put them on the guestroom bed, but do not keep them on the sofa just because they are free. Now, what to choose... Well, think about that friend or loved one. What do they dress like? That is probably your biggest clue as to whether they are a floral cushion or geometric lumbar pillow kind of person. Fashion and interiors actually go hand in hand.

Lighting is key in any space, and very often overlooked. Wouldn’t that be the most thoughtful gift to give the gift of light? Rooms often rely on one, maybe two sources of light. While a well-designed space really should have at least three options. Bedside lamps are usually an after-thought as many people just brush the bedroom aside as a private space that no one will see. But really, it is the first thing you do see when you get up and turn it on, it is very much an important piece. So, level up a loved one’s lighting game this holiday!

I’ve given three options that cover visuals within a space, but a successful interior is more than just eye candy! What about sound? Acoustics and elements like music can just fill the room with a richness you can’t achieve with pretty things alone. So, for that audiophile in your life, consider something like a small all-in-one speaker, particularly a wireless one that your gift recipient can later pair with additional speakers to create a home speaker system.

Lastly, because it is often forgotten, the scent of a room can be so powerful! Smell is one of those things that can instantly create the ambiance without seeing or hearing anything. A home with a signature scent is, in my opinion, something of beauty! If that loved one is perky and upbeat, maybe a fresh floral or something with vetiver might be suitable. But if there are like me, I tend to go for the warm and sometimes spicy scents.

To everyone, have the safest and happiest of Holidays! And cheers to beautiful spaces in the New Year!