CRCE Feature

We are excited to welcome Dee Khanduja as a Career Advisor for CRCE. Dee has already been involved with the American Association as a Living in Singapore magazine columnist and facilitator of several CRCE events. She joins James Kwan to lead one-to-one career counseling sessions and professional development workshops. Read on to hear from Dee on her background and some helpful career advice.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m from the UK and have been living in Singapore since 2007. I’ve worked in the recruitment and HR industry for around 20 years and ran an employment agency for around 14 years. Over the years, I’ve worked on various startup projects within the education, e-learning and e-commerce space - it has been an entrepreneurial roller coaster ride! Currently I’m working on a legal-tech startup project which is super exciting, due to its potential social impact.

My background is pretty varied - I’m a qualified Trainer and Copywriter, so I consult with corporates for sales, business development, personal branding training sessions, as well as the hot topic around the ‘Future of Work’. I’m also a certified Futurist and Long Term Analyst ™. With my newly minted title, I’m doing a lot of research and data crunching to form narratives around industries that will die and survive, jobs that will disappear and emerging career trends. So, this body of work sees me talking about ‘future-proofing’ yourself and ‘robot-proofing’ yourself.

As a hobby-project, I manage a wonderful small community of mama-entrepreneurs. We have an active private group, where we focus on upskilling and heart-led growth.

At home, I’m a busy mum of two kids and have a wonderful husband, and two turtles.

What do you enjoy about working with your clients as a Career Advisor?

I love helping clients gain clarity on their internal ‘gifts’, and strategizing a tailored job-search plan of attack! My style is very different to other Career Advisors. I focus on super-practical job-search, personal-branding and networking techniques straight from a Headhunter’s playbook. My objective is to coach clients to find or create job opportunities that are not advertised. My recruitment background and Futurist approach, means I’m uniquely qualified to help job-seekers think laterally about their careers. I love it when my clients have ‘a-ha’ moments, and I love seeing them get tangible results after taking big, bold, gritty action.

In today’s competitive job market, what can job- seekers do to stand out from the crowd?

Job-seekers really need to completely overhaul their job-search approach. Without a doubt, they should be focusing on building their personal brand online and becoming savvy networkers.

I invite my clients to start thinking of themselves as Marketers (marketing themselves as the product), and not as reactive job-seekers. This shift in mindset and approach helps them become memorable (which is the secret sauce to being spotted by hiring managers, HR and recruiters), and opens up channels for opportunities.

How can LinkedIn be used more effectively as a job-seeking and networking tool?

Linkedin should be used to research, map out leads, make strategic approaches and increase engagement, with the objective of building up a personal brand profile. There are lots of Linkedin features that an average job-seeker doesn’t tap into, sadly. My advice is for them to join the maximum number of Linkedin groups, and network and engage within these groups.

Job-seekers may also like to try out the free trial for the Linkedin premium accounts. This can unlock some powerful features that can help speed up the lead-generation and research part of job-searching.

What advice would you give someone who is contemplating a career change?

  1. Gain clarity on what you care about, or are passionate about, and why.
  2. Gain clarity on your internal gifts (we’re all naturally gifted at something).
  3. Research jobs, industries, contacts to gather information and leads related to your gifts.
  4. Take decisive action by making a career plan to give yourself some direction.
  5. Continue with ‘step 3’ repeatedly. The more powerful your network, the more opportunities available to you long-term.


Interested in a One-to-One Career Counseling session with Dee? Check out our events calendar to sign up for one of Dee’s scheduled dates or email to arrange a session at your convenience.