By Julian Chua

As consumers, we have become intrinsically picky about where, how and when we choose to eat, and even more so in this digital age since technological advancement has brought us online food recommendations, food guides and reviews. What’s more, with the food and beverage industry being highly competitive, and especially here in Singapore, we’re presented with a myriad of food choices. This means that F&B companies and owners are under pressure to raise the bar in terms of innovation and cost reduction, not only in what they serve up, but how they serve it.

This industry’s competitiveness ultimately benefits consumers who are presented with more dining options and will get more bang for their buck. Here are five innovative ways Singapore has revolutionized your dining experiences as a consumer!

Robo Food

Smart kitchen appliances are gradually making their way into restaurants and are shaping kitchens of the future. Singapore based company, Zimplistic, for example, is the brains behind the Rotimatic; an automated robot that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks and puffs Indian roti, as well as dough balls and poori-sized flour discs. According to the engineers at Zimplistic, restauranteurs are finding their kitchens run more efficiently, meaning customers receive a quicker service.

Doorstep Delivery

With the fast pace of life, especially in Singapore, many of us find we are just too busy with work, or too tired to dine out. That is where online food delivery service, Foodpanda, comes in. They are a global online food delivery marketplace where they work with third-party food vendors to deliver food of every type of cuisine imaginable to customers who place orders online via their app or web platform without having to leave their home.

Food on Social Media

Burpple is a food-review platform that allows diners to post their opinions and experiences of food through images with captions. It works in a similar way to Instagram, whereby an online community can ‘follow’ or ‘like’ users posts and curated images. If you want to be inspired by food for cooking or simply want to find new places to eat, this is the place to be!

Order and Pay the Efficient Way

Last-minute orders on the run during peak hours and long waiting times at an eatery can be an added stressor to an already hectic schedule. Enter mobile ordering and payment app, Waitrr. With Waitrr, you can speed up the process by placing an order via a QR code to cut long queues and pay directly via the app. This way, the restaurant is able to capture vital customer data points that can be used to personalize their offerings and fine-tune their menus to adapt to customer preferences.

Reservations Made Easy

Online booking and reservation site, Chope, makes reserving a table easy by cutting out manually calling the restaurant or going to the place to book in person. Chope has connected with over 1,500 bars and restaurants in Singapore, meaning customers are spoiled with a variety of restaurant choices all under one platform, where the reservation process allows for party size, date, time, cuisine and location to be selected. Furthermore, signing up to Chope’s newsletter means diners are notified of special promos on an ad hoc basis.