By Sophia Ragland

For our final meeting of 2019, the Troop 1010 Scouts conducted our second Court of Honor. This is an important ceremony for our Troop, allowing us to recognize our Scouts for their many achievements and recap our recent activities.

Several Scouts earned rank advancements, which is a fundamental part of the Scouting experience. One Scout earned her First Class, which means she is well on her way to Scouting’s highest achievement, Eagle Scout. Other Scouts achieved Scout rank, the first stage in advancement, and Tenderfoot, which means the Scout has demonstrated the basic skills and knowledge of a Scout. We are so proud of their accomplishments.

Many Scouts also earned Merit Badges. Working closely with an adult leader, a Merit Badge Counselor, Scouts learn the material and demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities in a wide range of subject matter specific projects.

Many of our Scouts earned the Fingerprinting Merit Badge during participation in a Merit Badge Marathon organized by Troop 10, where Scouts learned about the most common technique for identifying individuals, used by law enforcement authorities all over the world.

Another Scout earned the very challenging Hiking Merit Badge. In addition to learning about safety, preparation, route planning, and a variety of other matters, the Scout hiked more than 70 miles over the course of several weeks. We are very proud of this young Scout’s efforts.

Two Scouts earned the Disabilities Awareness Badge in which Scouts learn about people living with disabilities and how to support them, accommodate their needs, and treat them with dignity and respect. One Scout also earned the First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Merit Badges; Eagle-required badges to learn life skills that will serve her lifelong!

BSA Troop 1010 is growing steadily and gaining knowledge and confidence from each other. We have girls from all around the city and from many different schools who come together through Scouting to learn, interact, and bond, making new friends and helping each other as a Troop.

We are really looking forward to the new year and all the upcoming activities like our joint campout with BSA Troop 10 and the Cub Scouts Pack 3010, as well as the Mini-Jamboree campout that will include other international Scouting groups in Singapore. We are always happily welcoming newcomers and any of us would be glad to answer questions from anyone who might be interested. If interested in joining, please contact our Scoutmaster, Paul Adkins, at