By Tyler Wisler

Designing a space that is a bit demurer in square footage can be daunting for many. Even seasoned designers may need an extra moment to strategize the game plan because we frankly just don’t have the room for mistakes.

So, if you are tackling a small space and need some advice, I’m here for you. Here are my five tips that may help you transform that modest abode into your perfect jewel box!

1. Keep the color palette to a minimum. When we have an environment where we want to visually expand the space, it’s best to let the eye keep moving. When we offer up a multitude of colors it breaks things up, it makes things visually busy, in a sense, which is not what we need.

Instead try to stick to lighter neutrals. They offer the most flexibility to move seamlessly between rooms without feeling like the space is being chopped up.

2. Choose furniture that is on legs. This is a simple way to
expose more of the floor and keep things light. Big pillowy, chunky pieces will read heavy and seem disproportionate to their surroundings. You can also choose a few pieces that are transparent! Using a glass table or Lucite chair can work wonders as well because you literally have a functional piece of furniture that is merely a silhouette of itself in the room.

3. Super cliché, but mirrors do double the size of anything! I am a huge believer of the mirror movement! Now, in a small space though, you want those mirrors to be BIG! The desired effect is that your eye focuses in on the reflection, so this is one of those times when bigger is better!

4. Closed storage is key. When things are behind doors, or in drawers, there is less visual clutter. Now, that is not to say you can’t put out all that beautiful mid-century pottery you’ve scoured for on Ebay into the wee hours. Display them, but only give real estate to the ones that mean the most to you and put the rest away. The best of the best!

If you feel like they all need a little love then rotate them like a gallery! Bring new items out and retire some for the moment. Collections are great and many of us have a passion for something, but edit them down and remember to always group in odd numbers. I would also say that you really shouldn’t exceed a grouping of more than seven items unless you’re a retail store. I usually prefer a cluster of three or five.

5. Drama! With a smaller space, you can create magic! So have fun with the selection of furniture and accessories you put in there, but make them showstoppers! Since you are limited in square footage, you are limited in the pieces you curate to put in your home. Make sure you absolutely love what you are including…

And, insider secret, there are no rules to design, so if none of what I said has relevance on you, rock on! You do you, because it’s YOUR space. Just have confidence in what you create! Happy Designing!