SAN_December_2013ii.pngBy Heidi Bakker Kingman
9 March, 2012


'Tapping into a Unique Source of Local International Talent' was the recent subject of a presentation given at the American Chamber's sub-committee for Human Resources. We discussed the concept of international talent in the Singapore work place and traditional ways of recruiting resources, the successes and challenges of expatriation and the additional source of talent that is an under-appreciated and often unrecognized 'add on' to sourcing foreign talent from abroad. Yes, we began talking 'trailing spouses,' but by the end, everyone was talking 'trailing talent.'...


CRCE represents a new way of thinking about how networks can generate an innovative source of talent for the work force.


We will let our recent demographic study of the Career Resource Center candidate pool speak for itself:

  • 40% have attained a BA or equivalent while 44% hold a Master's or MBA.
  • Over 50% of our population has over ten years of work experience and of that group half have over 15 years of experience.
  • Our candidates come from over 40 countries with a broad background in the international workforce. While approximately 30% are from the United States, Holland, France, Australia, India and the United Kingdom are well-represented. Though not as well-represented, 2.5% are Singaporean and this number continues to increase. 

In a time when “97% of CEOs say that having access to talent and key skills is the most critical factor for their long-term business strategy” (according to the most recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers annual global CEO Survey), there is pressure on HR professionals to find innovative ways of sourcing true talent. Traditional means are no longer adequate as the only forms of recruiting. Social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook are proving this. Employers, consider CRCE your social and professional network for recruiting… your network for proven and professional talent. CRCE is a professional community of enthusiastic and dedicated talent from across the globe AND they are located right here in Singapore. Give them a call and I am sure the ‘talents’ will speak for themselves. While traditional means of recruiting through head hunters and job agencies can be effective at identifying talent, the CRCE represents a new way of thinking about how networks can generate an innovative source of talent for the work force. Both social and professional, the CRCE network is rich in experience and competency.