By Fran Martindale

In the last year of Cub Scouts, known as Webelos Rank, the Cubs need to complete a number of activities and adventures that will bring them out and about in Singapore, learning to do more outdoor skills independently, as well as developing characteristics which will make them better citizens and contributors to society before they transition to Boy Scouts.

Pack 3017 and Pack 3010 Webelos Scouts were fortunate enough to join together to meet the Chargé d’Affaires at the US Embassy in November. They also got to witness a flag ceremony demonstrated by the US Marines, and learned that while the Cub Scout salute is done with two fingers, and Boy Scout salute has three, while the Marines salute has four.

Some Cubs took their cooking skills to the next level by constructing their own box oven, using just a cardboard box and tin foil, and roasting a chicken inside – delicious!

Others have been busy performing community service by gathering toiletries to give to foreign workers in need in Singapore, and attending the Purple Parade, which raises awareness for several organizations that support people with special needs.

While these Webelos will be moving on to Boy Scouts soon, they will take with them a wide array of skills and experiences, as well as friendships they have made during their Cub Scouts years, already ready to take on the Boy Scouts motto: Be prepared!