By Katie Baines

December at AAS was the month we awaited with much excitement. Yes, the Holiday season was upon us, but there was a certain couple that was due to come to town: Michelle and Barack Obama.

First on stage was the former First Lady. As well as her work and involvement in the Let Girls Learn, Be the Change and tackling child obesity through the Let’s Move! initiatives, she spoke warmly of her upbringing and gratitude towards her parents, of being a parent herself and her protectiveness in raising her girls at the White House to a more than 2,000-strong audience.

Next up was Barack; not before Barackfast, though. Never ones to miss out on bringing a little extra to our community, the AAS team collaborated with The American Club to lay on a sumptuous pre-event breakfast with mimosas, where both James Andrade and Steve Okun spoke about innovation, trade and politics, before excited attendees boarded the bus to Singapore EXPO for the main occasion.

To a captivated crowd, the President reflected on his time in office, sharing his views on political polarization on a global scale, climate change and the potential dangers behind the rise of social media. He also divulged his feelings on the challenges he faced in striving to be a family man and the leader of the world’s most powerful country and adjusting to life after his term in office.

As an Association, it was a joy to work with The Growth Faculty in bringing members of our American community in Singapore the opportunity to be in the presence of a former US President and First Lady. Regardless of political stance, it was truly a privilege to be a part of what were unanimously two unforgettable events.