The Counselling Place has an international team of qualified professional psychologists, counsellors offering services in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese & Mandarin. All our staff are qualified with Masters' level and above. We provide Counseling for: children's & teens' behavioral issues parenting concerns infertility & adoption related issues family relationship & conflicts transition & adjustment relationship & marriage counseling separation & divorce anxiety & phobia depression, grief & loss trauma & abuse anger & stress management addiction eating disorder career struggles work-life balance severe clinical/mood/personality issues We provide EMDR for: post-traumatic stress depression eating disorder phobia panic attacks anxiety stress reduction addiction We provide Psychological Assessment for: learning struggles/giftedness diagnosis for learning support access/accomodation psycho-vocational/career guidance clinical diagnosis legal purpose custody & access We provide Art Therapy for: special needs (e.g. Autism & ASD, Dyslexia & learning disability, ADHD, RAD) personality struggles (e.g., Borderline PD) mood struggles (anger, anxiety, depression) trauma reactions self growth/development We also provide employee assistant program, crisis response, & workshops.