July 2, 2016

Singapore American School
40 Woodlands Street 41
Singapore 738547

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4th July 2016 - WEB TEASER
Time to celebrate the American spirit in Singapore – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – all at the American Association of Singapore’s annual Independence Day Celebration in partnership with Singapore American School! This exciting family event will be held on Saturday, July 2, 2016 from 4pm to 10pm at Singapore American School. It features a full day of fun, music, food, drinks and patriotism, capped off by formal ceremonies and a spectacular fireworks display.

This event is completely not-for-profit, and as such, depends 100% on the support of the community.  AAS has never charged an admission fee for the Independence Day Celebration. We feel it is our duty to celebrate in true American style with the whole community in Singapore.

Admission is free of charge and open to the public. All are welcome to attend. 


Event Details

Independence Day Celebration

July 2, 2016 - 4pm to 10pm

Singapore American School


For more information please contact the AAS office on 6738 0371 or email events@aasingapore.com

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Venue Partner:



Majors Sponsors:


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Other Sponsors: 

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Medical Support:



The Band:

Band on the Run


The Program:

4pm – Event start

5 to 6pm – Appearance of Ronald McDonald

5:30 to 6:30pm – Live Entertainment

7:30 to 8pm All carnival activities pause for speeches and fireworks.

7:30pm – Formal ceremonies

8pm – Fireworks display

8:30pm – Lucky Draw closes

8:45pm – Lucky Draw announced

9:30pm – Games and food closes


Taxi Service:


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Bus Schedule:


TRANSPORT SCHEDULE FOR 4th July (Independence Day  celebration)           
BUS NO Depart From   Marsiling MRT Station  Arrive At   Singapore American School Depart From   Singapore American School To MRT Station    BUS NO Depart From 213   Lagos Circle Arrive At   Singapore American School Depart From   Singapore American School To Marsiling MRT Station 
Bus 2 15:30hrs 15:45hrs 15:50hrs   Bus 1 15:30hrs  15:45hrs 15:50hrs
Bus 3 15:45hrs 16:00hrs 16:05hrs   BUS NO Depart   From Marsiling MRT Station  Arrive   At Singapore American School Depart   From Singapore American School To 213 Lagos Circle
Bus 4 15:45hrs 16:00hrs 16:05hrs   Bus 1 21:55hrs 22:10hrs 22:15hrs
Bus 1 16:05hrs 16:20hrs 16:25hrs          
Bus 2 16:05hrs 16:20hrs 16:25hrs          
Bus 3 16:20hrs 16:35hrs 16:40hrs          
Bus 4 16:20hrs 16:35hrs 16:40hrs          
Bus 1 16:40hrs 16:55hrs 17:00hrs          
Bus 2 16:40hrs 16:55hrs 17:00hrs          
Bus 3 16:55hrs 17:10hrs 17:15hrs          
Bus 4 16:55hrs 17:10hrs 17:15hrs          
Bus 1 17:15hrs 17:30hrs 17:35hrs          
Bus 2 17:15hrs 17:30hrs 17:35hrs          
Bus 3 17:30hrs 17:45hrs 17:50hrs          
Bus 4 17:30hrs 17:45hrs 17:50hrs          
Bus 1 17:50hrs 18:05hrs 18:10hrs          
Bus 2 17:50hrs 18:05hrs 18:10hrs          
Bus 3 18:05hrs 18:20hrs 18:25hrs          
Bus 4 18:05hrs 18:20hrs 18:25hrs          
Bus 1 18:25hrs 18:40hrs 18:45hrs          
Bus 2 18:25hrs 18:40hrs 18:45hrs          
Bus 3 18:40hrs 18:55hrs 19:00hrs          
Bus 4 18:40hrs 18:55hrs 19:00hrs          
Bus 1 19:00hrs 19:15hrs BREAK          
Bus 2 19:00hrs 19:15hrs BREAK          
Bus 3 19:15hrs 19:30hrs BREAK          
Bus 4 19:15hrs 19:30hrs BREAK          
Bus 1 BREAK at 7.20 -.7.50pm Be back at   School at 7.50pm          
Bus 2          
Bus 3 Break at 19.30pm - 8.00pm Be back   at School at 8.00pm           
Bus 4          
BUS NO Depart   from Singapore American School to MRT Arrive   at MRT Depart   from Marsiling MRT Station          
Bus 1 Be   Ready to Depart at 20.00pm          
Bus 2          
Bus 3 Be ready to Depart at 20.10pm          
Bus 4          
Bus 1 20.00hrs 20.15hrs 20.20hrs          
Bus 2 20.00hrs 20.15hrs 20.20hrs          
Bus 3 20.10hrs 20.25hrs 20.30hrs          
Bus 4 20.10hrs 20.25hrs 20.30hrs          
Bus 1 20:35hrs 20:50hrs 20:55hrs          
Bus 2 20:35hrs 20:50hrs 20:55hrs          
Bus 3 20:45hrs 21:00hrs 21:05hrs          
Bus 4 20:45hrs 21:00hrs 21:05hrs          
Bus 1 21:15hrs 21:30hrs 21:35hrs          
Bus 2 21:15hrs 21:30hrs 21:35hrs          
Bus 3 21:20hrs 21:35hrs 21:40hrs          
Bus 4 21:20hrs 21:35hrs 21:40hrs          
Bus 2 21:45hrs 22:00hrs LAST BUS 22:00hrs          
Bus 3 21:45hrs 22:00hrs LAST BUS 22:00hrs          
Bus 4 21:45hrs 22:00hrs LAST BUS 22:10hrs          
NOTE: Approximate traveling   time from MRT Station and Singapore American School is about 15 minutes           



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Members: Become a Fireworks Sponsor

Help us light up the sky with fireworks!  Sponsors allow us to provide a free-of-charge event for the whole community. For a $100 contribution you can become a sponsor.  We'll run a prominent "thank you" in the Singapore American newspaper (SAN) and you'll earn the appreciation and gratitude of the entire American community. Deadline to contribute and get your name in the SAN: July 2, 2016.  For more information, call 6738-0371.


Corporations: Become a Fireworks Sponsor

Align your business with the Independence Day celebrations that attract more than 5,000 members of the community every year.  For more information, please contact our events staff on 6738-0371.



Q: Will there be parking at the event?
A: There is no parking on site.

Q: How can I get there?
A: You can get to SAS via public transportation. There will be private buses shuttling to and from Marsiling MRT and SAS.

We are providing you with $5 off your rides to and from SAS with GrabCar! Simply access the Grab app via your mobile here, select GrabCar and key in the promo code INDEPENDENCE. New to GrabCar? Get $15 off your first ride with promo code JULY4 ir FIRSTRIDE.

Q: Do I need money:
A: Entry is free, but you have to pay for food, drinks and games.

Q: Can I bring my own food?
A: Outside food and drink are not permitted. You may purchase food, drink and alcohol from food vendors on site. Cash only. 

Q: Can I bring my own cooler?

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: No, pets are not permitted.

Q: What time do the fireworks begin?
A: Formal ceremonies including speeches and fireworks will commence at 7:30pm. The Lucky Draw follows the fireworks.


Please be advised that photographs and video will be taken at this event for use on the American Association of Singapore's (AAS) website, in the press, AAS marketing materials and could be used on YouTube and other social media sites. By entering this event, you consent to AAS photographing, videoing and using your image and likeness.


*AAS Events Late Fee, Cancellation & Refund policy:

Anyone who does not register for an event by the indicated closing registration date/time, will be subject to an additional fee of $10. AAS reserves the right to cancel events. In the case of cancellation, registrants can opt to attend another event or receive a full refund. If registrants contact AAS at least 24 hours prior to the event start time to make a cancellation, he/she will be issued a credit that can be applied to any same priced event within the following 90 days. In the case of a no-show on the day of event, no credit will be issued.



American Association of Singapore

Date and Time

Sat, July 2, 2016

4 p.m. - 10 p.m.
(GMT+0800) Asia/Singapore


Singapore American School

40 Woodlands Street 41
Singapore 738547

Event has ended


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Singapore American School

40 Woodlands Street 41
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