What do I need for my development? Mentoring, Training or Coaching?

In every walk of life we feel the pressure to be better, faster, more productive. How can we best achieve this in a world where the pace of life in consistently increasing?

Which is the most appropriate development path?


We hear “develop, grow, become” more and more and there is so much unfiltered information we are exposed to. We hear coaching, mentoring, training, consultancy, psychotherapy…But what is what? What is best?

 If more than two decades ago coaching was present exclusively in sports and in education, now it is introduced at almost all levels in business and personal life. What is really a coaching type of interaction and when should we start looking for a coach? On the other hand, when is coaching counter productive?


Training is one to one or one to many learning process focused on gaining more knowledge and/or developing different skills. How, when and why do we train ourselves? When is training really needed and when is it a waste of resources?


The mentor is the model, the experienced person in whose shadow we find ideas, examples,  stories, motivation but with whom we always interact from child ego state. Which are the advantages of being the mentee and how is mentoring a limiting approach?


The path we will choose will impact our life and our career, therefore when making a decision we need to be sure of what we really need. Come and learn about YOUR best development journey!


Cost*: $30 (CRCE member); $50 (non-member)
Late registration fee: additional $20


*CRCE Cancellation & Refund policy: CRCE reserves the right to cancel workshops. In the event of cancellation by AAS, registrants can opt to attend another workshop or receive a full refund. AAS does not issue refunds for workshops. If registrants contact AAS (crce.info@aasingapore.com) at least 24 hours prior to the workshop start time, he/she will be issued a credit that can be applied to any same priced CRCE workshop within the following 90 days. In the event of a no-show or day of workshop cancellation, no credit will be issued.

Location: American Association of Singapore, AAS conference room
10 Claymore Hill
Singapore 229573

Date: March 6, 2013, 10 a.m. - March 6, 2013, noon