Learn 3 Easy Steps to Success - Rethink! Reset! Results!

Rethink! Reset! Results!

Learn 3 Easy Steps to Success with Law of Attraction!


Do you know someone who seems to have positive things happen to them – for example they attract great clients and sales or even great projects to work on? Then you probably also know of others who attract the opposite? You know who they are as they constantly complain about the negative things in their lives. The difference between those who are successful in their personal and professional lives and those who could be more successful lies only in their mindset – the way they choose to think and feel - about themselves, or the people they are dealing with or the situation they find themselves in. Successful people think differently and know how to harness the power of their thoughts and emotions to stop attracting into their lives what they don’t want and attract more of what they do want.


If you want different results in any area of your life, including your professional life, then you need to do something different. You need to rethink…reset your thoughts and emotions… And your results will change. Learning to rethink and reset is a learnable skill. In this workshop you will learn:

* How Your Thoughts and Emotions Create Your Results

* Thinking drives emotions which drive behaviour and therefore results

* The Impact of Positive thinking and Positive Emotions

* How to Reset Your Thoughts and Emotions easily and quickly


Cost*: $30 (CRCE member); $50 (non-member); Late registration fee: additional $20

*CRCE Cancellation & Refund policy: CRCE reserves the right to cancel workshops. In the event of cancellation by AAS, registrants can opt to attend another workshop or receive a full refund. AAS does not issue refunds for workshops. If registrants contact AAS (crce.info@aasingapore.com) at least 24 hours prior to the workshop start time, he/she will be issued a credit that can be applied to any same priced CRCE workshop within the following 90 days. In the event of a no-show or day of workshop cancellation, no credit will be issued

Location: American Association of Singapore, AAS conference room
10 Claymore Hill
Singapore , 229573

Date: April 26, 2013, 10 a.m. - April 26, 2013, noon