Culinary Exploration Dinner


Growing tired of the dining rut you have fallen into? The same restaurants, serving up over-priced food and mediocre service in a non-descript, could-be-anywhere setting? Or do you have that tingling, gnawing sensation in the pit of your stomach that you spend too much time (and money) in Western-cuisine eateries and just may be missing out on that one, iconic thing that makes Singapore world famous: the food? Then it’s time to make a change; to go somewhere new. Somewhere local. Somewhere great. 

AAS and Foodwalkers presents an unforgettable evening of local dining at Hua Zhu Restaurant. This well respected restaurant specializing in cze char style Chinese cuisine has been a popular destination for locals and expats alike for 24 years. Situated on the second level void deck of an HDB housing estate just off of Farrer Road, Hua Zhu offers a unique experience, far from those glitzy restaurants in sterile, retail settings, but with standards of food, hygiene and flavor equal to any. 

On this one special night, up to 50 guests will gather at round, communal tables where each course will be presented, family style in the center of the table to share. To accompany the excellent food, each guest is encouraged to bring a bottle of wine of their own choosing to share and discuss at their table (Hua Zhu has graciously waived all corkage fees and will provide stemware). For those who prefer, beer or soft drinks are available for purchase. 

Foodwalker founder, Kevin F. Cox, and the foodies of AAS have worked with the chef at Hua Zhu to develop a six course experience that is sure to please the palates of diners who want to maybe try something local and new. Kevin will guide you through the meal to enhance your enjoyment. Some items will be familiar, others perhaps not, but all will tantalize. 

The menu for the evening includes:

1st course:      Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup;
Crispy squid with special salt 

2nd course:     Hong Kong ginger and soy steamed Sea Bass;
Si Ji Dou (Fried string beans with minced pork) 

3rd course:     Crispy kampong chicken with special salt;
Seared Sambal Kang Kong 

4th course:     Classic Szechuan Ma Po Tofu;
Homemade fried Mantos (buns) 

5th course:     Hua Zhu Signature Prawns 

6th course:     Sweet red bean pancake 

Steamed Rice
Chinese tea 

Limit: 50 guests, first come basis. Adults only. 

Brought to you by the American Association of Singapore and Foodwalkers

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Location: Hua Zhu Restaurant
Blk 4, Queen’s Road (Off Farrer Road) 260004 Singapore

Date: May 9, 2012, 6 p.m. - May 9, 2012, 8 p.m.