Faith Chanda

Living in Singapore Columnist


Faith arrived in Singapore expecting a two-year stint before gratefully returning to the comforts of “home”. Four years later and counting, it’s Singapore that feels like home thanks to the ease and efficiency of life on the Little Red Dot.

As a volunteer on the Admin team of the 17k+ member Real Singapore Expat Wives Facebook group, freelance copywriter and chapter author for Living In Singapore Reference Guide 14th and 15th editions, she cherishes the chance to share the thrilling discoveries, rich experiences and marvelous adventures Living in Singapore offers.



Faith's Articles

Living Light in Singapore

De-cluttering isn’t a new concept, but Mari Kondo‘s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has got everybody wandering around their homes thinking about what does and doesn’t “spark joy”... read more


Living Healthy in Singapore

Recently, my husband experienced some alarming symptoms that we thought might have signaled a minor heart attack. After appointments with several doctors and some uncomfortable tests, his cardiologist was satisfied... read more