John Hamalian

Travel Columnist


John Hamalian lives a dual existence:  his ‘day job’ is in Business Excellence but an additional passion lies in his parallel career of travel journalism and photography.  An avid explorer, he has visited over 65 countries, including the entire Far East of Asia, and speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese.  Destinations include under-traveled places such as North Korea, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Bhutan and Siberia.

John has been published over 30 times.  In addition to the American Association of Singapore he has written for the Singapore Straits Times, Shanghai Daily, The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, My Paper, The American Women's Club of Korea and the in-flight magazine of Royal Bhutan Airlines.

While his family considers his travels to be bordering on the insane, John fancies himself as a ‘Global Man’, actively engaged in global citizenry, international affairs and social responsibility.  He travels and writes with One Purpose:  to share the world and its amazing history, cultures and peoples with all of humanity with the goal of mutual knowledge, understanding and respect. 

A US citizen, John has also lived in China, Korea and India, moving to Singapore in 2008 where he holds a Permanent Residency.

John's Motto:  "The best journeys are those with paths less groomed."



John's Articles

Uzbekistan: Where the Silk Road Endures

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Bhutan: A Hidden Kingdom Revealed

Tucked away in a quiet corner of time itself, in the deep hinterlands of the legendary Himalayans, lies an elusive land overflowing with hearty people and stunning beauty. A hidden wonder that, until the 20th century, was virtually unknown to the outside world.... read more