Living in Singapore 14th Edition

WEB-The-Big-MoveChapter 1: The Big Move
By Glenn van Zutphen

The past decade of change in Singapore has been phenomenal. From a rather square and uptight place to one that now boasts casinos, high-end celebrity chef restaurants, flashy clubs, global music and sports events, upscale shopping and countless indoor and outdoor activities, the new Singapore is one that you will enjoy.

In addition to being at the top of global surveys of best places for expats to live, this region is extremely diverse and the most dynamic anywhere in the world. Singapore’s excellent air, rail and highway links lead to a lifestyle that can be both personally and professionally satisfying, whether you’re single, a student, a trailing spouse, young couple or an established family with kids. But this high-end place comes at a price: a 2016 survey found that for the third year in a row, Singapore is the most expensive city in which to live for expats, having jumped 96 places on that list in the past decade!

WEB-Settling-InChapter 2: Settling In
By Ana Mims

Welcome to Singapore, a lovely island one degree north of the Equator! Unpack that overnight bag, take a break from the boxes, grab a coffee and have a read through this chapter to discover insights and tips to get you settled in your new environment.

This chapter will help you get comfortable in your new city. It's divided into two sections: Foundation: how to select a home if you have not already done so and how to outfit it with the basics and; Connection: how to become connected, both literally and figuratively.

The new edition now includes “insider tips” throughout the chapter, based on feedback from long-time expats. You’ll discover those “No one told me!” jewels and some amazingly helpful apps that will have you feeling like a resident in no time. Your new knowledge will translate into comfort and certainty ... a feeling of being settled. So, begin the adventure exploring your new home!

WEB-EducationChapter 3: Education 
By Faith Chanda

Whether you need to find a school for your children, want to earn a degree or simply continue your education, Singapore is the perfect place. Singapore’s education system draws from the latest and the best in global knowledge, blending unique features of the East and the West.

An international education hub, students and professional educators from around the world choose this small city-state as the place they want to learn, interact and pursue careers. With its reputation for providing quality education, Singapore continues to attract prestigious international educational institutions focused on providing exceptional curricula and support to their students. In fact, a 2015 study by the Organisation of Economic and Co-operation and Development placed Singapore first in the world in math and science.

The new edition now also features information on local schools, special education and education for your helper. 

WEB-FamilyChapter 4: Family, Sports & Leisure
By Melissa Diagana

Singapore is an amazing place to raise a family. Truly, The Lion City offers a plethora of things for chldren to do from toddlers or teens. This chapter gives you the low-down on what's available. Need to find a dance academy? Art class? Sports league? Check. Want to know the best place to escape the heat and burn off energy? Or maybe embrace the heat? Check. Find the perfect birthday party location? Check. And that's the tip of the iceberg!

The new edition now features additional information on outdoor and indoor activities for families as well as a run-down on the island’s national parks. And this edition offers guidance on the best family-friendly apps, the perfect way to unlock adventures for the entire family.

WEB-Health-_-WellnessChapter 5: Health & Wellness 
By Dr. Steven Tucker

Singapore has established itself as one of Asia’s leading medical hubs, providing internationally accredited hospitals and specialty centers with highly qualified and well-respected doctors.

With its global reputation as a medical convention and training center and its fast-growing basic and clinical research hub, it is no surprise that Singapore is the destination of choice among medical travelers from around the world.

More than 400,000 international patients visit Singapore for various healthcare services, ranging from basic screening and cosmetic surgery, to high-end surgical procedures and complex specialist care administered by sought after medical professionals.

This chapter will help you find the right doctor for you and also gives you insights to things with which you may not be familiary - things like how to combat dengue, what vaccines you need and how toto deal with the heat and haze. The suggested apps offer a great way to maximize your health.