Living in Singapore 14th Edition

WEB-NightlifeChapter 11: Nightlife 
By Laura Coulter

When the weekend (or the mid-week blues) hit, fear not, Singapore delivers. While it may be better known for its extravagant food and endless shopping, Singapore thankfully hosts an exciting array of nightspots for everyone – you just need to get out and explore!

From the quirky shophouses and closed street party atmosphere of Club Street to the welcome chaos and pumping nightclubs of Clarke Quay, beach parties at Sentosa and the high-end luxury bars of the Central Business District and Marina Bay Sands, Singapore offers locals, expats and visitors a night experience that is unlike any other city in Asia.

This revised edition also offers some great apps to help you book a restaurant table, find  ahappy hour or even pre-order your drink before you arrive!

WEB-ShoppingChapter 12: Shopping 
By Janet Maurillo

For some, shopping is a pleasant pastime to fill the day. For others, it’s more like a professional sport, with the goal of acquiring a unique find or great bargain. Then there are are also those who consider shopping a necessary evil: "How do I find what I need as quickly and easily as possible?" Whichever your point of view, if you’re living in Singapore, you’ll have reason to take advantage of the many shopping opportunities that exist here. While not an exhaustive review of all Singapore has to offer, this chapter will provide you with information to make your shopping experience whatever you want it to be and also offers some great insider spots for those things you just have no idea where to find such as special kitchen supplies, costumes, camping supplies and so much more.

The new edition is divided up into “what” and “where to find it” with a breakdown on all the best neighborhood shopping districts. It also offers some fantastic online shopping apps and eve ways to get your finds home.

WEB-Regional-TravelChapter 13: Regional Travel 
By Melinda Murphy

Surrounding little Singapore is big Asia, an enticing clutter of diverse cultures, natural wonders, urban jungles, sleepy beaches, culinary carnivals, and yes, occasional challenges that will leave you dizzy in the moment, but with stories you’ll savor for a lifetime.

Occasional frustrations and high blood pressure moments are side effects of international adventure-chasing, but the benefits far overweigh the hassles. Think of travel as story-collecting. Become the curator of your own mental museum in which you accumulate memories you get to caress, fondle and share with others, long after your actual journeys are finished. Truth is, most expats here share travel stories and suggestions like people back home share recipes.

But where to go? This chapter gives you just enough information to get your mind whirling and set you in the right direction to plan that dream vacation. It also offers some really useful travel apps that can save your tail in certain situations.

WEB-Heritage-_-TraditionsChapter 14: Heritage & Traditions 
By Jyoti Angresh

Placed as it is at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore borders Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei and can be visualized as a window to the rest of Asia. It encompasses vibrant and colorful cultures, each following unique traditions and beliefs, many passed down over generations. As diverse as these may seem, there are various similarities between traditions of different ethnicities, often sharing an ancient heritage and making daily life unique. Three ethnicities - Chinese, Malay and Indian - represent the majority here in The Lion City, traditionally as well as culturally.

However, Singapore also has a huge foreign resident population. In fact, about 30% of the 5.4 million people who make up Singapore's population are foreign residents. This means you will also experience the cultural influence of a variety of nationalities, making Singapore a truly international and global city. Understanding the diverse fabric of the society, as well as a little of the history of the place, will provide you with added meaning to your experience as a resident, as well as adding depth to the new friendships you form.

This chapter sheds light on some of the cultures here, discussing Singapore's history in brief and highlighting festivals throughout the year. This chapter is a great way to better understand the amazing quilt of Singapore's multicultural society.

WEB-OrganizationsChapter 15: Organizations

There is a wide variety of expat clubs and associations in Singapore, all serving to create an immediate community of friends for people who are now living far from home. This chapter provides a run-down on private clubs and how they differ from international organizations/associations. It also provides a list to get you started with chambers of commerce in Singapore, other networking organizations and essential contact details for your country's embassy.