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AASingapore Deliverable List

This is what Schipul will need to complete the AASingapore Site and go live.


1.  Explanations and purpose of membership groups:  

Membership Group Fee ($)
AAS $56
AAS & CRCE $138
AAS Complimentary $0
AAS Military $0
AAS Embassy $0
AAS Partners (Strategic & Corporate) $0
AAS American Club $0
CRCE Corporate $0
AAS Advertisers $0
AAS SAN Writers $0
AAS Dragon Boat $50
AAS 3 Month Trial $0


2.  Gateway/Merchant Account Info:  First Data:  

First data can support secure payment processing and act as your gateway.  You will need a merchant account number to provide into the Tendenci Software.  There are so many different services that First Data provides and I've contacted them for you, but as I am a 3rd party, I cannot get you specific information.
I spoke with someone named Donell and he gave me a sales rep for you and instructed that there was no specific information you had to have on hand, but please provide them my contact info if they need to speak with me personally.
Some points:
1.  You need a gateway for payment processing for your website.
2.   You will collect funds for membership dues and event registration.
3.  Your website is in development and not live yet, but they can look here if need be:
4.  If they have any questions, you can grant them permission to speak to Myself or Kerry Gale (our support manager) at 281.497.6567

Please use the contact info below to begin your First Data process.

Sajin Rehan

+65 6511 8980


3.  Addiontal Events


4.  Event Pricing and Pricing Tiers - One to set example for AASingapore.  The AASingapore staff can complete the Event list when trained. 


5.  Any Advertisments and links that will be displayed on the site.


6.  Price to add a yellow page for audience if different from $27 per month or $300 per year.


7. Photos for the Photo Album.  At least one album.


8.  Memberships (export - to be done before go live)


9.  Contact info for your contact for your job board website. Where is this hosted and with who?  We can give them graphics to update your site if they agree to do so.