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Richard Hartung

Richard Hartung

Business Columnist


Richard Hartung, the Managing Director of Transcarta, is a freelance writer for Today, Challenge, The Asian Banker and other media, as well as writing for corporates. He is also the author of Changing Lanes, Changing Lives.

Richard is a consultant in retail banking, focusing on payments strategy and efficiency, with more than 20 years of experience in Asia.



Richard's Articles

Farming in Singapore

Living amidst the urban jungle in Singapore, even the idea of farming here may seem a bit ludicrous. Surprisingly, though, Singapore produces nearly 10 percent of its own food... read more


Easy Personal Investing

If you have extra money saved in your Singapore bank account it would be easy just to leave it there. Interest rates on savings accounts are low, though, and even time deposit rates of around 1.8 percent barely keep you ahead of last year’s core inflation rate of 1.7 percent... read more