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Updated: Jul 30, 2021


The American Association of Singapore has a rich history of volunteerism and one of the charities we currently work with is the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society – probably better known by its acronym ACRES, an animal protection charity. AAS regularly schedules volunteering opportunities for our members at their sanctuary up at Jalan Lekar.

Singapore is blessed to have a diverse and interesting wildlife population, but sometimes those critters need help and that's where ACRES comes in.


The work that we do on volunteer days differs each time we visit, depending on the kind of work and projects they need help with at the time. Our last volunteer event took place in April and was attended by members big and small. It's wonderful to see the little ones pitching in.

We helped ACRES reinforce an aviary, which needed some wooden base fencing installed to keep rats and critters out, and new plastic netting on the upper part of the shelter. There was some chainsaw action and hammering for those up for the task, but also lighter work such as simple cutting and hanging of the plastic netting, as well.

On another occasion, AAS volunteers helped create a habitat for some of its large turtles. They have many different species of turtles from all over the world! Some turtles are rescued, rehabilitated if necessary, and sent back to their home countries. Those that can’t be returned will live out their lives at ACRES.

The staff at ACRES is always super welcoming and are very grateful for our help. While they are good at putting us to work, they are also always happy to give a tour to those who have never visited the sanctuary. They explain the work that they do and teach about the wildlife in their care.


This summer, we are working with ACRES to bring them to your home. We have organized a Toys for Animals Virtual Tour catered towards children, but it's suitable for all interested in the work of ACRES. This live, interactive virtual event will be led by ACRES staff, who will show us how they make enrichment toys for the animals. They'll then bring the toys they make into the animal enclosures and show us how the animals play and interact with these toys. Participants are invited to ask questions and get to know the ACRES staff and animals.

This is a great chance for kids to get familiar with animals here in Singapore and to learn more about the great work of ACRES. All the proceeds from the event go to ACRES to help the animals.


We have also planned a volunteering opportunity at ACRES for the end of July, which is already fully booked. But fret not, we'll plan more volunteering opportunities at ACRES in future months. We ask those interested in our volunteering opportunities (either with ACRES or other organizations we support) to please fill out this form to express your interest.

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