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Internet Use and Safety: 13 online resources for parents

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Developing safe spaces for your child online

Our sweet innocent children, what could they possibly get up to online!? I think most of us know that the answer to this is A WHOLE LOT!! Oh how we do encourage curiosity, but the next thing we know, our curious eight year old has found himself on a pornography site! Not to fret, as it's not all dire! There are many resources available for parents to help support our children in developing safe habits and spaces online.

This week Cyberpsychologist Sean Fong of the American Chamber of Commerce Singapore (AmCham) led a super informative session to help parents support our children on the subject of cyber habits. Sean covered topics ranging from social media use, to cyber bullying, and online predators. He gave us a list of warning signs to look for in identifying whether our children may be experiencing cyber problems and also guidelines for us, as adults, to measure our own level of technology use.

For those who missed this session, here's a list list of 13 online resources that Sean shared with us on topics related to Internet use and safety for children.

How the Internet Can Benefit Your Child

Internet Safety

Cyberbullying or Cybersecurity

Reducing Smartphone / Device Usage

Internet Addiction or Problematic Screen Use​


Developing Cyber Habits

**Special thanks to Sean Fong and AmCham for this great session!​

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