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Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Thanksgiving isn't even here yet and Sing apore (and the whole world really) is already fully decked out, aglow with lights and the pink fluffy things are hanging above Orchard. (What are those things anyway?) There are some spectacular trees in the malls, too. How about the Chanel tree at Ngee Ann City?

So now it's time to get your own home in the Christmas spirit.

Real Trees in Singapore

If this is your first year celebrating Christmas in Singapore, get ready for sticker shock. In Connecticut, I used to drive a couple of miles, cut down my own tree and pay $50 or walk to the end of the street in New York City and drag home my prize á la When Harry Met Sally style for $35. Here? A five-foot tree will cost more than $200. An eight-foot tree will set you back more than $500 - or far more. Yikes! Still, there's something about the smell of a real tree that helps you get into the spirit even though it's a billion degrees outside.

Word to the wise? Order NOW. Trees sell out in Singapore and this year, IKEA is not selling real trees so I'm guessing the trees will sell out even faster. I've always just ordered online and taken what I get. Basically, I was always worried they'd sell out so I just ordered online to ensure I'd get a tree, but I have plenty of friends who go choose their trees in person. It's always fun to go to Upper Thomson and visit all the nurseries. My friend waited too long one year and ended up with what they had left: a crazy-expensive, massive tree that she had to cut far down to fit in her house.

This is the East Coat branch of Far East Flora so you know you're getting good quality trees here, but they don't seem to have a website which means you need to pop by in person.

These spot has not only Noble firs and Nordmann firs, but other items to decorate your home, too, such as lights and wreaths.

As one of the cheapest options in the country, this has been my go-to for many years though I've cheated a year or two along the way. Their trees are always fresh and quite nice. One year, the tree was really, really dry and they exchanged it for me when I complained.

This is one of the smaller retailer on Upper Thomson - small, but nice quality.

One year, I spaced on ordering and was able to get a really nice tree here. They also offer a tree decorating service and do a lot of trees in the malls here.

This shop has lovely Fraser Firs which some say is the kind of the firs. They're located in Punggol, but offer free delivery.

If you need a smaller tree at the last minute, this lesser-known spot often has apartment-sized trees when some of the other spots have sold out.

This spot usually has nice trees from Oregon, but they aren't cheap. And the huge ones have already sold out for 2023. They also provide a tree decoration service to make life far easier during the busy holiday period.

Fake Trees in Singapore

Real trees are nice, but they don't last all that long in Singapore. If you have space to store a fake tree, get one. Go to Kinex Mall and check out the crazy number of Christmas shops there. Or order one online from standbys like Amazon and Lazada or one of these stores.

This online store has fairly wallet-friendly trees (for Singapore) and bundles with trees of all sizes.

There's something about this store that cracks me up as it always seems a bit out of place in Geylang. Most of the year, they sell bikes, but come November, watch for a crazy amount of Christmas goodies, including trees.

This online shop has a staggering selection of truly top quality Christmas trees and decorations. The trees are quite realistic, but will set you back a pretty penny.

This online shop is kind of the granddaddy of online Christmas tree. Buy a tree solo or buy a bundle with all the decorations.

With a shop at Kinex Mall and online, this store is known for it's high-quality (and high-priced) fake trees.

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