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Dissertation, Scientific Research and Means of Self-expression

The word “dissertation” cuts into people’s minds as a complex, deep study carried out by a person solely for the sake of obtaining a certain profit: an academic degree, salary increase or resource efficiency, etc. Such a judgment is only partly true: the author of a scientific work seeks to improve a certain area of activity, while having some benefit.

In fact, writing a dissertation is a creative process, difficult and leading to different results. You can evaluate the process of creating a highly specialized or global survey from different positions, which we will discuss in this article.

Thesis as a means of self-expression

How often are your proposals taken seriously, especially if they affect an extremely important issue, the activity of a particular enterprise or its structural element? Even if you bring a hundred arguments, facts and irrefutable evidence, it is unlikely that the proposed proposal will be taken seriously. Yes, they can take note of it, but nothing more.

In the case of a scientific study, the author will be able not only to thoroughly study the problem (theoretically and practically), but also to put forward a reasonable, effective solution with a decent argumentation (forecasts by the results of approbation). Moreover, the researcher does not just solve the problem, with the help of a dissertation, he proves his own opinion, his position, “expresses himself” in scientific language.

The author's personal view of the problem and ways to solve it

The dissertation, as a means of self-expression, allows you to solve the following positions:

  • Understand in detail the phenomenon/process/problem under study;

  • Identify existing solutions and show their imperfection, low or insufficient efficiency;

  • Propose a radically new or improve existing methods of solution, taking into account the capabilities of the object of study (both privately and globally);

  • Gather an irrefutable evidence base of your own rightness;

  • Competently present the results of the study and the opinion of the author, solve the problem, describe possible scenarios for the development of events.

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