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STRUCTURE OF THE WORK AND ITS MAIN CONTENT AND STYLISTIC REQUIREMENTS 1. Introduction 1.1. Rationale for the choice of topic Personal motivation contributing to timeliness and/or topic selection 1-2 and page description. 1.2. Statement of the problem, formulation of a hypothesis, solving problems that can be easily corrected using the company (, posing questions, problems that the student pays attention to. We will consider the chosen topic in the next chapter (in the discussion section).

If the student has an assumption (hypothesis) about the problems of the chosen topic, here you should also indicate its causes and the solution that you can correct yourself, or the teacher can help you, or ask the author of the essay ( what to do. 2. Negotiation part This chapter is an integral part of any dissertation. This chosen topic has a scientifically demanding, objective be explained and analyzed in the style of a dissertation.

Your own test results, conclusions and justification for the hypotheses outlined in the previous chapter should also be described here, but the subjective, creed-like tone should be avoided, so says college essay writing service. The rest of this chapter is at the subchapter level. its structure should be designed in such a way as to be most suitable for the study of the chosen topic from point of view.

Final part A summary of the study of the chosen topic, its special significance, i.e. for our time highlighting its ethical message, drawing conclusions. More subjective is allowed here an approach that leads to a more personal tone and vision of one's own faith. Annex 4 (if applicable) This section is optional. If necessary, it helps to understand the selected section. larger source documents can post images, do so here. 5. List of used literature To write a dissertation, you need at least 10-15 relevant papers on the topic use. These works must be published here (author, title, publisher, year of publication).

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