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ESA Cats are Low-Maintenance pet - 2022 Guide

Emotional support animals, including cats, are defined as a type of animal that is associated with the provision of happiness and emotional assistance to people suffering from any kind of mental disorder. There are different animals that can be kept as ESA such as rabbits, dogs, horses, cats, and birds, etc. Dogs and cats are the most common esa letter for housing because of their friendly nature. Cats are usually non-aggressive due to which they get preferred to be selected as an ESA. Cats are considered the most amazing emotional support animals and provide relief to people suffering from chronic pain. They also help people to pass through the different symptoms of mental illness with ease.

In order to keep a cat as an ESA, patients will have to get an ESA Letter from a mental health professional who must have a practical license. Mental health professional provides the letter after the complete examination of the condition of the patient. Most of the time, patients select ESA for themselves, but sometimes, doctors also recommend it according to the patient’s mental condition. There are some characteristics of a cat that make it the best animal to be kept as an ESA.

Cats need less time as compared to dogs because they are more independent. If you are busy with any task and not giving attention to the cat, it will not impact him. An ESA cat is considered an ideal animal as it provides love and attention to the owner, and demands the same in return. Also, a cat can spend considerable periods of time without disturbing the owner. Cats do not demand or force the owner to bring them out for a walk.

They just want the love and attention of the owner and can stay with the owner on the sofa of the lounge happily. The more time and attention you give your cat, the more love and affection it will give you in return. It has been proved from research that cats are directly associated with the reduction of blood pressure and level of anxiety. ESA cats have the ability to keep you amused and entertained all time.

Easy to Travel

As compared to other animals, ESA cats are considered more portable. If you have to travel a lot and you want to keep an ESA, the cat is the best choice for you. It does not disrupt the other passengers while traveling. You can take your ESA cat easily to the car, train, or airlines. In order to travel through the airline, you must have an emotional support animal letter with you. Without this letter, airlines will not allow you to travel with your ESA. There are many animals that cause disruption for the passengers during traveling and make the traveling process difficult for you. However, it is very easy and comfortable to be with an ESA cat while traveling.

Good for Rented Accommodation

Most landlords usually do not allow pets in the rented accommodations. Due to the Fair Housing Act, landlords do not discriminate against ESA cats and do not even charge extra from the patient. In this regard, an ESA letter for housing also proves beneficial as it grants certain rights to the ESA. Cats are such an emotional support animal that does not cause any damages to the property, which is why landlords usually allow their tenants to keep them as pets. Cats are generally clean and quiet animals, which makes them a great choice for an ESA. No big apartment is required to keep the ESA cat. It can make its place easily in any corner of the house without disturbing the family members.

Indoor House Pet

If you want an emotional support animal that can be kept as a house pet, then an ESA cat is a perfect choice. There are different breeds of cats and all are well-suited as indoor house pets. All breeds of cats are calm and affectionate and do not disturb the owner. ESA cats possess an ideal temperament and always respond to the owner with great love and affection. Whenever you come back, you will always find your cat greeting you with love and affection. Cats are such indoor house pets who provide great support and love during the day and at night they love to accompany you on your bed. ESA cats keep the house clean and do not make it dirty at any cost.

All these characteristics of a cat make it an ideal animal to be kept as ESA. They will help people to pass through the different phases of life without facing too much pain. ESA cats are good not only for emotional health but for physical health as well. When ESA cats remain with the owner, the oxytocin level increases in the brain while reducing the stress hormone such as cortisol. So therefore a person needs to carefully select an esa from These changes in the production of hormones keep the owner healthy, calm, and happy. When the owner plays with his ESA cat, it helps in lowering blood pressure and the level of cholesterol in the body. Both these factors are very important for the physical health of people.

Once you decide to keep a cat as an emotional support animal, it is not difficult to get it. It can be obtained from any pet home or even online websites that provide these services. If you already possess a cat you can register it on an online website as an emotional support animal.

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