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How To Deal With An ESA Dog At Home? - 2022 Guide

People can get joy and companionship from animals that they keep in their houses. People who suffer from different mental health disorders can keep an ESA so that they can provide them with love and support whenever they need them. These emotional support animals can help the patients to get their symptoms of mental illness eliminated or reduced to a great extent. With the passage of time, the trend of keeping emotional support animals is increasing. It is because, in these trying times, an increasing number of people are suffering from different mental disorders. But it is not easy to keep an ESA without any sort of medical prescription or a legal permission. Different health professionals provide an ESA letter to the patients after analyzing their mental state. Getting an ESA letter is essential as it is not possible for people to keep emotional support animals with them without it.


An emotional support animal is defined as a type of animal companion that is used to provide different benefits to people suffering from some form of disability or a mental health issue. The purpose of the emotional support animal is to provide support to the affected people in order to eliminate some of the symptoms of mental distress. People usually prefer an emotional support animal letter to get support and love but ESA cats are also common for this purpose. Other than these, miniature horses can also be kept in the houses as emotional support animals for love and companionship. Many emotional support animals tend to get away from their owners and are hard to control. Therefore, people need to keep such animals that are easy to care for and would not cause any inconvenience for the owner.


There are different mental health benefits associated with keeping emotional support animals. It has been proved from research that ESA dogs are very good for the improvement of mental health because they provide emotional connectivity to people. These dogs also manage and help people in their time of crisis. Some of the reasons for keeping ESA dogs are as follows:

Reduces Anxiety

ESA dogs help in reducing anxiety in people by providing them with a relaxation response. ESA dogs play a significant role in elevating the mood of people who suffer from mental illness or any kind of mental disorder.

Support in Trauma

ESA dogs provide comfort to patients who suffer from different symptoms of mental illnesses or any kind of disorder. ESA dogs can also provide support to people who suffer from any drastic trauma. Traumas can shake a person from his root; at this time, he needs the support and love of someone. Emotional support animals, especially dogs, can provide love, support, and companionship in such cases and help their owner easily deal with the phase of trauma in their life.

Improvement in Physical Health

ESA dogs are beneficial not only for emotional health but physical health as well. They can help lower blood pressure and reduce the rate of respiration. These ESA dogs also help improve the ability to tolerate the intensity of pain. All these improvements in physical health also help the patient to get mentally stable. Without improvement in physical health, people cannot become emotionally strong.

Reduce Feelings of Loneliness

The most important purpose of ESA dogs is the provision of companionship. People who live alone become the victims of depression and anxiety. Mental health professionals assign them an appropriate ESA dog so that the feelings of loneliness can be reduced and they can be provided with support and love.

Provides Care and Love

Patients suffering from different symptoms of mental illness or disorder can get a sense of purpose by providing love and care to ESA dogs. These animals not only provide love and companionship to the owner but also demand the same from them. So this is considered such a relationship that requires reciprocal care and love.

Dogs can be considered as the best choice to be kept as ESA because it is easy to get an esa letter for housing for them. Landowners usually do not refuse to keep dogs as ESA. It is also easy to travel with ESA dogs because they do not create disturbance for other passengers.


Any type of pet can provide calmness and happiness to people. It has been found from research that ESA dogs are different from other types of pets. Many researchers have suggested that there are several positive impacts of ESA dogs, especially therapeutic impact. All animals do not have therapeutic effects on the life of depressed people. However, many researchers consider that emotional support animals are not different from usual pets; both are the same in nature and functions.

Emotional Vs. Service Animals

Even ESA dogs and service dogs are different from each other in nature and functioning. ESA dogs are associated with the provision of support and companionship to mentally ill people while service dogs are associated with the provision of assistance to people suffering from different types of physical disabilities. Service dogs help the owner in carrying out different physical tasks. ESA dogs provide emotional assistance to people and eliminate their depression and stress.

There are different benefits associated with ESA dogs due to which people keep them in their houses. These dogs are assigned to those people who suffer from a mental disorder. If you are suffering from any kind of depression or mental illness, an ESA dog is the best treatment for you due to the number of therapeutic benefits associated with it. For more information, do visit visit

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