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Talking Craps

CRAPS is one of the world's most famous casino games. Spectacular in films such as Casino, Unreasonable Offer, Guys and Dolls, and Diamonds Are Forever, the game is a riot of dice, with one player's hot sequence meaning that everyone gets paid.

Still, it can be tricky for impartial crap. A crossing line that sets a point, a futures bet, an odds bet, a hard way: what does it mean? Once you get your head around the basic structure and strategy of the game, and play a few games in an online casino, you'll see why this game is such a draw for casinos.

By now you know that the オンラインカジノ ソフトウェア game involves a pair of dice. The game has several levels of difficulty. This is a beginner's guide. The best way to get into the details is to play the game or check out one of the many videos online.

This article will simply try to explain the raw elements of this fascinating game in some digestible parts.

Let's start: craps consists of two phases: exit and point.

Exit phase:

Players must at least minimally allow a betting line to start the game. Two dice are rolled and there are three possible outcomes:

  • Roll a "2", "3" or "12" and "crap out" - all bets on the crossing line are forfeited. Restart.

  • You roll a 7 or 11 - a natural - and all bets in a row win even money

  • You add any other number. This number becomes a point and starts the second phase of the game

Point Phase:

OK ... So now you spin 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. The crosshairs now move the button marked 'on' to the corresponding number on the table. This is the point. Let's say you roll a 10. Now 10 is the point.

It's very simple: to win your pass queue bet, you must now spin 10 before spinning 7. If you spin 10 before spinning 7, you lose your bet. The game continues indefinitely until either 10 or 7 is spun.

Once a 10 (or any point on the reel) has been created, the game returns to the original phase.

These are the raw, basic starting rules. Don't relax: it gets tricky ...

Come betting

When you get to a point in the egtオンラインカジノのソフトウェア game, you can also make what is called a come bet. This opens up the possibility of winning other numbers.

Using the first example: we've already staked 10: that's the point. You will now make an additional bet. The dice are rolled and you hit 5.

- You CANNOT roll a 10 - so the permission bet is still active
- CANNOT roll a 7 - so the craps round is still LIVE
- SET 5 - this is now a new point

This means that you can win by rolling a 10 or a 5. If you roll a 7, you will still roll.

You can make a new bet with each roll. As long as you don't roll a 7, you win and add a number. Finally, you can cover 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. These bets will be paid until you reach seven.

If you roll a 10 - a point - you have to go out bet again. However, the point is bet until you hit 7.

These are the basic rules of craps. Also fail to pass bets, betting bets and bets. This is more complicated, but worth exploring. Next time we will look at them!

Good luck at the table. Stick with the winners and don't despair.

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