Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral researcher at National Institute of Animal Science, Chenon, Korea. I received my Doctorate degree in Biochemistry from Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu, India in August 2013. My Post-Doc research focusing on two areas, I- Analyze the role of plant phyto components in lipid storage of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes cell lines and find the mechanism of action in molecular level. II- Isolation of lactic acid producing bacterial strains from natural sources, characterizes its probiotic properties, evaluates its potential as starters for animal feed development and study the role of bacterial Cell Free Supernatants (CFS) on lipid differentiation of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes.


South Korea


4 years

Awards and Certifications

 2015 – 2016 Best poster award: obtained this award at international conference held in Korea.

 2009 – 2012 Best Research Scholar: Higher Collegiate Education, Government of Tamil Nadu. India.

 2007 – 2009 Merit: Obtained distinction M.Phil., level from Dr.M.G.R.University, Tamil Nadu, India.


 I have basic knowledge and practical skills in molecular biology/cell biology and Microbiology
 Can perform various laboratory assays (agarose gels, Westerns, and qPCR)
 Knowledge in laboratory skills such as cell culture, histology techniques, Microbial culture, RNA and protein isolation.
 Can perform computational analysis such as PCR primer design and genetic sequence alignment
 Good organization and computer skills (Excel and SPSS)
 During my research experience I have experienced analytical, problem solving skills and a strong sense of responsibility.
 Able to work independently, self motivated, team player skills, able to work beyond office hours
 Able to write research articles independently


 2009-2013 Ph.D., (Biochemistry)

 2003-2005 M.Sc., (Biochemistry)

 2000-2003 B.Sc., (Chemistry)

Contact Information

  • Srigopalram