Singapore American Newspaper
Printed since 1958, the Singapore American is a monthly guide reporting on community issues, events and happenings in Singapore.

Living in Singapore
Singapore’s leading guidebook for expatriates, written for expats for everyone, the comprehensive Fourteenth Edition helps newcomers understand local culture, customs and food; locate schools, resources, goods and services and find things to do, places to go and even how to get there. 



Career Resource Center for Excellence (CRCE)
CRCE offers invaluable services to expatriates seeking job opportunities in Singapore through job listings and workshops, as well as to employers seeking talented staff. 



Home Hospitality
Families of Americans, Singaporeans and other nationalities are able to host visiting American service men and women.

Sign up for the Ambassador's Cup Golf Tournament or join in our annual Thanksgiving run. 



Major Events
Every year we hold six major events: the glamourous black-tie George Washington Ball, the Ambassador’s Cup Golf Tournament, our family-friendly Independence Day Celebrations, Toys for Tots, the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and our Welcome Back Celebration.

Social/Networking Events
We also host smaller and more frequent events that aim to help expats connect with each other and with the local community. Some events are social, some cultural and include everything from pub crawls to historic lectures to inspirational talks, There’s something for everyone.