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A student portfolio is an indispensable tool for academic advancement, which plays the role of a resume, wagging the future in a professional the meaning of the learner. In this article, we will talk about how it is filled out and executed so that it can help the student in his future.

What is a student portfolio and why is it collected?

At the legislative level and in the Federal State Educational Standard, the portfolio is a folder where all the personal achievements of the student that he received during his educational activities are collected. It allows the employer to evaluate the future employee by his educational qualities. In this way, as a student, you will be able to accumulate all the learning experience via that will help you when getting to know the employer. Believe me, being able to speak well is not the only good quality for a specialist.

It is important! A portfolio is also called a presentation portfolio, which is collected from year to year. It can be in both printed and electronic form. Moreover, each type has its own design options.

Portfolio is a tool that allows you to perform some of the functions that are listed below.

  • Increase the motivational part, thus you can get the most important thing - an incentive to study further on showing excellent results.

  • Increase your chances of making it if you are studying in a competitive direction that exists in the job market.

  • It allows you to improve your skills after being hired at work, demonstrating your qualities on paper and in a real workflow.

  • It allows you to learn how to evaluate your professional qualities in a particular competence, as well as compare the progress of skills and improve your level of work, taking into account other people's skills.

As you understand, such a seemingly insignificant thing at first glance can teach you something new, as well as improve your skills and quality of work.

It is important! The main purpose of a portfolio is to collect, store and use individual achievements, allowing you to reveal your entire set of qualities that you possess. In the eyes of the employer, this is a kind of dossier. It is best to start doing it already from the first year, in order to gradually invest significant awards there, documents that allow you to help demonstrate your personal qualities. It's based on how you introduce yourself to the employer, an objective decision will be made.