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About AAS

A Start-up with a Century-old History

The American Association of Singapore (AAS) is the heart of American culture in Singapore. We give our members fun and engaging ways to connect with others, offering everything from small, intimate dinners to big bashes (really big bashes in non-COVID times!). We bring a bit of American culture to Singapore and explore the many fascinating cultures of our host country. Singapore is amazing!


Many of our members are Americans, yes, but our members are from every corner of the globe — including right here in Singapore.


AAS was the first American organization in Singapore. We opened our doors more than a century ago and have since helped launch many other great American sister orgs in the country. We currently still work with our sister orgs to create an overall connected and engaging experience, giving you a home away from home. Learn about our history here.

Now? We are bringing AAS into the next century, honoring our important traditions and creating new ones. We are redefining AAS to bring our members what they need in modern times. 

Check out what we're all about now, and give us a try.

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